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  1. I admit it, I masturbated to those pictures.
  2. Hmmm there is smth that bother me in those pictures ...

    Edit : I've found IT LOOKS #$%#ING NICE !!!
  3. The wing isn't even that bad, you shitty kids.
  5. but it would be better without it, as well as the roof spoiler.
  6. i dont particularly like the 599 styling at all but this one looks really sharp. the small additions are a nice touch.
  7. people who dislike Hamann cars because it's from Hamann are twats. (what 90% of the people on this site do)
  8. Did you see what they did to the Murcielago?

    Edit: make no mistake, on this occasion they have made the 599 beyond hot.
  9. The rims look cool. Besides from that it is way too busy. Especially the rear is ruined. And what is the point of the small side skirts?
  10. One of the only cars from Hamann i have liked.
  11. actually, that looks good. REALLY good. It's funny how Hamann has a tendency to make good looking cars ugly, and ugly looking cars hot.
  12. Please Hamann, forget that style of side skirts, looks horribly unintegrated. and that rear wing must go.
  14. correct
  15. i don't understand why so many people don't like Hamann, it's not bad at all, great actually
  16. i cannot get over the rear. the rims are very nice though. and HAMANN does put out some nice cars, just not recently.
  17. yes I like that one also
  18. finally some hi-res media pics:
  19. Those rims sure look menacing... if only that car wasn't attached to them.
  20. beast
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  22. First thing I'd do with my 599 is take it to Hamann.

    I'm not a big fan of Hamann nor of the 599 but I love this.

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