Hamann Lamborghini Diablo at St. Agata

Discussion in 'Modified / Tuned Cars' started by ajzahn, Jun 8, 2006.

  1. Hammaon Lamborghin Diablo spotted at the annual meeting of the Lamborghini Classic Clubs in Sant Agata Bolonese, Italy:
  2. Omg! I really like this Diablo..Diablos are the best looking cars in the world and this is nice too
  3. Stupid looking spoiler, just leave things the way they are please Hamann.
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  6. looks ok
  7. not a fan of that spoiler.
  8. Hamann should stop working on the exterior of the cars
  9. I don't mind it, but I hate the little bulls around the lights. I would assume that to the onwers personal touch.
  10. in deutchland ze stikers ad 30 hpz
  11. those exhausts are awesome.
  12. tacky . TOo bad it could be awesome with less stickers and fog lights
  13. looks cool as hell, I'd hit it HARD
  14. looks like a GTR spoiler. Looks real good.
  15. sweeet very nice
  16. I have to say I don't mind that spoiler at all. Flows well with the body
  17. Ricer wing.
  19. Needs GTR exhaust.
  20. What the hell are those circular things on each side of the licence plates?

    It already has quad exhausts! They didn't even take them off! WTF?
  21. actually, i normally like stuff like this, but the wing on this one gets a big meh from me

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