Hamas claims VICTORY!!!

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Damestic89, Jan 21, 2009.

  1. Would you feel safe in his position? <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/PitLane?displayFAQ=y"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/wink.gif"></A>
  3. Everything is possible in the Middle East.
  4. ok arab kids
  5. omg the originality
  6. the Iraqis thought they won the Gulf War in 1991
  7. I try to see the good in the situation...they gave us those cool scarves so we can all look hip and rebellious while we enjoy our 1st world luxuries.
  8. Arabs are weird.

    Edit: Eh-rabs.
  9. if you are the winrar, why shouldn't you? If you can't return due to safety reasons, you haven't really won I'd say ...
  10. Secret cow level?

    EDIT: And the cows are actually suicide bomber cows?
  11. Well they didn't really lose. This is how guerilla warfare works.
  12. Only the civilians lose when guerilla warfare is waged.
  13. To me winning just doesn't equal having your safety granted. Wouldn't you have any fear that some might want to retaliate if you were in his position? I know I would.
  14. And safety hasn't even been granted. Israel doesn't seem to understand that you can't take anything from people who have nothing to lose. Especially when they are muslims who believe in a nice life after death. In short, a lot of angry young men were created the past few weeks...
  15. So winning is what to you?
  16. Where's the difference, 600 million angry people + 1 million more or what? Are you kidding me? As if every single Palestinian wouldn't have hated them already.
  17. Achieving a goal or being the best at an event
  18. So Israel planned to invade zeh Gaza, destroy zeh shit and go back. Ergo, they won.
    The goal of Hamas was to destroy Israel and make Palestine a graveyard for the jews, which they didn't suceed at, so they lost on my board.

    That is if we use your way to judge the winning or not question ;-)
  19. According to Carter (someone I greatly dislike due to a Venezuela conflict not too long ago) "Hamas wanted a comprehensive cease-fire in Gaza and the West Bank, and the Israelis refused to discuss anything other than Gaza."

    So in that respect, I think Hamas achieved a goal. Whether or not they won wasn't even the point of our discussion in the first place (or at least, I didn't notice it was), but moreso that if Hamas "won", why he wouldn't return to his own country again. My suggestion was because the odds are present that someone could retaliate and I was wondering whether you agreed or disagreed with that. Nothing else.
  20. According to Hamas they wanted what I said prior to this post ... so? Either the translators on all channels are lying or your Mr. Carter was right.
  21. So you wouldn't mind posting a link with a recent official statement of Hamas calling for the destruction of Israel, I presume?
  22. Because they are living next door you dumbshit. And I don't mean "sorta pissed off" angry, I mean "they killed all my brothers and sisters and mother + wounded my dad" angry.
  23. travel back in time a week and turn on tv ... oooooooor you could use google with the search terms, Hamas, Israel and graveyard for example. Just one idea I just had.
  24. Did and it's not quite working out. Some columns from 2005. And some Israeli sources from 2007 that didn't quite catch on elsewhere in the world.

    edit: Iran does want to destroy it, but that's not really news, though.

    edit: I also don't request services from members here if I could have done it by myself.

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