Hamas claims VICTORY!!!

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  1. They wanted to destroy Hamas, they did not
  2. First try gives you 2009 dates only as you can see ... your google must be brokez
  3. What they said was, I quote exactly, "After this operation there will not be a single Hamas building left standing in Gaza, and we plan to change the rules of the game".

    Did they succeed at that or not?
  4. You know as well as I do that the (famous) graveyard statement is meant to Israeli (ground)troops that enter/invade Gaza. I asked for a statement regarding the destruction of Israel, which you claimed they did and I still can't find.

    I also don't see the shocking bit in what you're talking about. Say someone invades Germany tomorrow (avoiding WW2 examples to keep that sand out of there), would you throw a party? Welcome the invaders and wish them a joyful time?
  5. Buildings mean jack shit. How difficult would it be for Hamas to house their activities elsewhere?
  6. They succeeded at changing the rules, that's for sure.
  7. You mean if the German government constantly would fire rockets at Poland, would I be suprised if Poland would strike back? Er no (who would?), I'd work on changing my government because that wouldn't be right. But with 80% support for the Hamas party in Gaza, what do you expect? In west-jordan the fatah is the government, no rockets at Israel by palestinains there, how often does Israel strike them without a reason? Bingo ...

    And for a statement regarding the destruction if Israel, that's a bonus handed out by Hamas and Al-Aqsa tv like ... er, DAILY?
  8. You act as if Hamas does fire rockets without a reason, though. Or at least, something tells me I should've read it that way.

    Where's my link?

    edit: brb, french tobacco shot
  9. link is with your mom ;-)
  10. alright, I suppose our brief discussion ends here then
  11. Yay!
  12. Yeah, the sides are too crazy, I have to admit I can't argue well with people who don't see two conflict parties equally. Like I said before, noone gives a b1tch when Palestinians kill israelis, but vice versa all hell breaks lose among European hippies, dunno where this comes from. Probably a 68 relict?
  13. I hope you don't mind I feel rather offended that you (out of all people) call me biased. Nowhere and never, both on supercars.net and outside of it, did I justify the killing and harming of citizens. Look, I understand it if you're not happy with whatever I had to say (and requested), but calling me biased, I really don't see where that's coming from. Especially seeing I don't support either side in this conflict.

    edit: and thanks for the explanation of my way of thinking, doctor. Sadly it does not apply to me.
  14. that's #$%#ed up
  15. Hamas say whatever the think will make the world hate Israel more. Last week it was "omfg GENOCIDE." Now it's "we won." Anyone who takes Hamas seriously is a moron.
  16. Because neither Hamas or Israel give a shit about civilian casualties or international law, the only solution would be an objective 3rd party peacekeeping force but since it's again sandnig vs sandnig and neither Israel or Hamas/Fatah want foreign peacekeepers there...
  17. The solution is Hamas stfu and stop firing rockets. Seriously give those #$%#s an ultimatum. Rocket into israel = nuke into gaza.
  18. So I still don't get it

    Israel = USA occupation
    Hamas = Muslims
    Gaza = some kind of region worth a dime?

    People fight because of religion?
  19. Both sides should be eradicated..would solve all the problems over there.
  20. Not supporting either side in this conflict is akin to seeing Theo Van Gogh being murdered and saying "eh.... i'm not going to support either side on this one."
  21. Theo van Gogh never walked into Mohammed B's house, kicked him out and made him live in the garden.
  22. Well that's an original thought.
  23. *Love at first sight

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