Hamilton cries to the BBC

Discussion in 'Motorsports' started by daisho13, May 29, 2011.

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    Classy classy guy :/
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  3. Why is it that every time a coloured person is penalized or questioned they always play the race card?

    He just fell below sewer level in my eyes.
  4. Hilarious interview. Nice to see him not being a PR drone, because it's so funny to see him spit the dummy.

    The Ali G reference was hilarious.

    I'm fully expecting him to "apologise for his words" later in the week once the PR people talk to him.
  5. It will tomorrow at the latest.
  6. The guy can drive, but he needs to learn to keep his yap shut. It is always someone elses fault with him. He needs to take lessons from Button on how to talk to the media.
  7. To be honest he was the man of the race. He was the only driver that made me jump off my coach a few times with some of the fantastic overtakes he had. His pass on Schumacher was awesome.

    Sure this interview is pretty low, but at least he races and isn't afriad to go for gaps. He is exciting to watch and hope he keeps doing what he is doing.
  8. Good. Im glad he is showing some passion. #$%# what other people think
  9. Clearly he was joking you sadcase

    EDIT: and who exactly is it whos 'always playing the race card' all the time? Did Tiger Woods do it when he was being hounded by the media? Does Barack Obama do it every time Fox talks absolute bullshit about him? In short - STFU.
  10. Couldn't agree more, Hamilton is exciting to watch and we should be thankful for it.

    Hoooooly shit that was a hell of a pass on Schumacher.

    The first penalty for Hamilton/Massa incident was stupid. Again, its a sad reflection on the current state of F1 that the stewards wont let the racers race... especially considering that they both survived that corner!

    The Maldonado crash was worse, but again, ten years ago that would have been seen as a racing incident as it should have been yesterday.
  11. lol i have no complaints with anything that he said
    he had the right to be pretty annoyed (either with himself, the stewards, or both, that's not really the point) and it's always nice to see an F1 driver talk to the media candidly
  12. Nothing wrong with what he's saying. Except going jetskiing. WTF FAgGOT!
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  14. Never liked the guy.
  16. Stfu Lewis. Just keep racing and keep your damn mouth shut.
  17. i already knew he was a douchebag when he talked on top gear.
  18. The funny thing is #%!@es in here complain that the drivers are too robotic/have no personality/dont talk openly... then when someone actually does say something candidly like that, they #%!@ about it.
  19. if they have a reason to #%!@, then yeah i applaude. this is just pure arrogance.
  20. Still disagree with his overtake attempt of Massa but loved the Ali G reference.

    ..and of course half the internet doesnt get his joke.
  21. Finally some passion. Not the generic ass interviews we are used to getting. He was pissed and had every right to be. These damn stewards penalize drivers for every damn thing. And the black comment was funny, he wasn't really trying to play the race card. What did u guys want from him, a typical "I disagree with the stewards but I respect their decision" kind of interview.

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