Hamilton to join Ferrari in 2010?

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  1. Lewis Hamilton could be on his way to Ferrari in 2010, after the Scuderia entered the frame to sign the world champion, who is in favour at McLaren-Mercedes.

    Relations at the Woking-based outfit have also sunk to a low in recent weeks, following his championship race and the subsequent impact this has had with regard to the Vettel row. Neither has spoken, or so the rumours go, since that race.

    All this has led to strong talk he could be about to join Ferarri something that has been speculated about for a while - even though he has a contract with McLaren - and on Saturday, Hamilton's manager, trainer and other close associates were seen in discussions with Ferrari F1 team management, something that nobody made any attempt to hide.

    The latest twist though is that Ferrari has joined the race for the Hamilton, at least according to paddock sources.

    The theory goes that Raikkonen will be dumped to make way for Hamilton, something that would give the Scuderia a formidable line-up - although with Felipe Massa in the other seat Hamilton won't get outright #1 status, something that may give Ferrari the edge, in terms of getting Hamilton to sign on the dotted line.

    If Hamilton does get out of his McLaren deal, he may have to pay for the privilege, something that will go some way to helping the Surrey-based squad pay off their record $100 million fine.

    How much is rumour and fact remains to be seen.

    More to follow as and when it develops...
  2. What low in relation show now? Vettel row? What's going on?

    P.S. nope
  3. I can't see Hamilton ever driving for Ferrari.
  4. Rossi>Hamilton
  5. No way Hamilton will go to Ferrari. Besides, didn't Ron like practically raise him, why in the world would he deviate from a championship team?
  6. What piece of toilet paper did you pull that from?

    Can anyone tell me what Hamilton's relationship with Vettel has to do with his rrelationship with McLaren?
  7. Yeah wtf is this all about?

    EDIT: oh lol this is a daunter thread. explains the retardation.
  8. Answer to question: No.

  9. If ferrari hired hamilton, BMW would become my favorite team
  10. I didn't notice that, he probably just forgot to use his normal account.


    Simple as that...

  12. Hamilton/Vettel = best combo they can get
  13. Cant argue with that... but wont ever happen.
  14. I think Vettel, Alonso, Kubica...any 2 of those 3. Hamilton wouldn't fit Ferrari me thinks.
  15. hamilton is just no........him wining the title this year was one of the last events after a series of awful years in which F1 is now imploding on itself.

    it started way back when schumi did'nt have a worthy oponent and dominated everything, then these gay rules, then these new races, then this squid of a champion who almost could'nt hold 6th position when fighting for a title! I mean, it was'nt second or third, it was 6th!
    I think it will all come down bid mid/end 2009. When the hybrid bateries simply wont do their job.......
  16. Lewis Hamilton / Ferrari-Cosworth, not going to happen
  17. That statement (LH, F-C) is LOL on so many levels...
  18. I can't wait for him to make good on his "More to follow" promise.
  19. you guys are dumb haha

    Lewis Hamilton has pledged his future to McLaren, saying he will "never" leave the Woking-based team.

    The 23-year-old, who started his association with the team way back in 1996, repaid the faith McLaren have showed in him by becoming Formula One's youngest-ever World Champion this year.

    Hamilton insists he will stay at McLaren for the rest of his career and also paid tribute to team boss Ron Dennis.

    "I was born and grew up at McLaren. It is my home. Yes, I confirm I will never change team," he told Italian daily Corriere dalla Sera.

    "I have a lot of respect for Ron and what he has done for me."

    Hamilton also had words of encouragement for fellow Briton Jenson Button. The 28-year-old Button could be on the sidelines next season after Honda decided to pull the plug on their Formula One operations.

    "I am sorry for the team and for Button, I hope he finds a way out," Hamilton added.

    "He will definitely find another team if the team is not taken over."

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