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  1. HK is out, and Raikkonen, Hamilton and Massa got penalties. Interesting race so far.
  2. Ferrari and McLaern getting pwned is great.
  3. I'm appalled that Hamilton received a penalty for that incident on the first lap. <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/PitLane?displayFAQ=y"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/angry.gif"></A>
  4. Why? he defiantly pushed Kimi wide
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    Lewis Hamilton most certainly did not touch Kimi, nor did he push him wide.


    If anything, Lewis forced himself off track and he lost two places as a result. That penalty was 100% bogus!
  6. Lets face it, the only reason he didnt crash was because Kimi had enough awareness (and common sense) to let is brake locking ass past.

    Eitherway, as much shit as Alonso is given on here, when he's good, hes #$%#ing ace.
  8. LOL. I find it very funny that to you McLaren are like saints, they don't do anything wrong. Ferrari on the other hand, to you, are like the devil, and they always do something bad.
  9. Hamilton is a Joke.
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    You can say whatever you want, but if Kubica and Massa didn't get penalized last year for pushing each other wide, I don't see how Lewis could have been penalized tonight. He didn't touch Kimi, nor did he force him off track.

    2007 Japanese GP -->
  11. This time, the hamilton brake lock up where he pushed KR wide was an accident and he couldn't change his line. However, when KR pushed hamilton wide a couple races back, it quite clearly was no accident. SO then why did hamilton get the penalty this time but KR didn't get anything at the belgian grand prix and hamilton did. So it seems no matter what, the rule book is always out ready to penalize hamilton in any way they can interpret the rules to do so but the other drivers are held to the rules quite as strictly it seems.
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    If Hamilton can admit it, maybe you can to?


    Hamilton regrets first corner move

    By Matt Beer Sunday, October 12th 2008, 06:43 GMT

    Lewis Hamilton passes Kimi Raikkonen at the start of the Japanese Grand PrixLewis Hamilton admitted that his first corner dive at Fuji was a "mistake", but vowed to recover by winning the final two races of the 2008 season.

    The championship leader received a drivethrough penalty after forcing Kimi Raikkonen wide at the start of the Japanese Grand Prix, but was more significantly delayed when he was pushed into a spin by his title rival Felipe Massa.

    Hamilton could only recover to 12th place, while Massa - who was also penalised for his move - took eighth and reduced the Briton's championship advantage to six points.

    The McLaren driver conceded that he should have been more cautious into the first turn.

    "You can always look back and wish you'd done something (differently) - I made a mistake and I paid for it," Hamilton told ITV. "That sort of thing happens, you've just got to keep your head up and keep going."

    But while he admitted his move on Raikkonen was incorrect, Hamilton was not happy that he received an equal penalty to Massa.

    "We both got the same penalty, but I didn't hit anyone and he did," he said. "I guess that's just the name of the game."

    He was relieved that Massa failed to make significant inroads into his championship lead, and denied that he would now be more conservative at Shanghai and Interlagos.

    "I don't think it makes any difference," said Hamilton. "I lost one point today, which is damage limitation, and we'll move on to next week.

    "We'll still be just as competitive, and we'll make sure we win the last two races. Not at any cost, but we plan on winning."
  13. Hamilton admitted to making a mistake (eg, losing the lead by outbraking himself).

    Nowhere does he say anything about the fairness of the penalty apart from "I didn't hit anyone and he did."
  14. ferrLOLri cheat yourself to win with the help of fia
  15. Yeah, that's why Massa was penalised also. To help Ferrari win everything obviously.
  16. small panilty to keep everyone shutup, he got a bonus after the race from the another incident, complete BS
  17. I simply can't believe the penalties handed out in this race, absolutely shocking. Anyone who can't see an 'agenda' here needs their head testing.
  18. For me, it isn't that he pushed Kimi wide. The problem was that in pushing him wide Lewis/Heikki lost him a lot of places.
  19. I simply can't believe the penalties handed out in this race, absolutely shocking. Anyone who can't see an 'agenda' here needs their head testing.

    I don't expect the FIA to be even slightly embarrassed by their actions, in fact I'd say they're probably proud of them.
  20. And the agenda was to help who?
  21. Jeez, let me think........
  22. Bourdais was penalized too. +25 seconds for him.

    I haven't seen the race but I heard that the penalties were pretty stupid.
  23. anything for ferrLOLaris advantage.

    they should panalize alonso and kubica too, and make riakkLoLonenin winner.
  24. Renault, apparently.

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