HARDCORE Israel - "free soldier or PM dies"

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  1. Instead of crying HAMAS, try to understand the real situation.
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    Why do you think Abbas is so keen on a referendum?


    "Most Palestinians agree that Hamas should recognize Israel’s right to exist. Two-thirds (63 percent) of those polled Jan. 27-29 by Near East Consulting said Hamas should change its position calling for the elimination of Israel. Even among those who voted for Hamas, only 37 percent support Hamas’ position that Israel does not have the right to exist."

    "A majority of Palestinians also supports the two-state solution. In a Feb. 8-12 poll by the Jerusalem Media & Communication Center (JMCC), 58 percent of Palestinians said they favor the two-state solution, while 22 percent favor “a bi-national state on all of historic Palestine.” Three percent said they want an Islamic state"

    ...and the real reason this drags out: http://www.commondreams.org/headlines02/1122-01.htm

    "Of 500 people polled at random from each community, 52 percent of U.S. Jews and 79 percent of Arab Americans said they would support a settlement that led to two independent and secure states with a common border that would be defined roughly by Israel's 1967 frontiers, with a shared capital."

    (Jews in Israel are much more open to a two-state solution than their patrons in the US, LOL...)
  3. This suicide-bombers-are-cowards argument never fails to astound me: I'm definately with Bill Marh on this one. People have hopelessly sacrificed themselves in all kinds of conflicts with and without any prospect of eternal life thereafter: I's a minor consideration at best.
  4. Theres a difference between dying fighting in a conflict and purposly trying to die. Their tactics don't seem to make alot of sense if their goal is getting land and helping the palestinian people.
  5. Alright, seeing all the Stewacide conversation in the last two pages was worthless, so I didn't bother reading it.

    Fact is, after all these years of conflict, a certain group of people (associated with the Hamas) decided to kidnap an Israeli soldier, a 20 year old corporal. Israel's even more sensative about its soldiers than it is about civillians, because with our mandatory service, every kid is in the army for a certain amount of time. Over a week has gone by, and we've seen no sign of life or good will. Israel won't negotiate - we'll retrieve Gilad Shavit no matter what. They took an ace from the deck, so Israel went on and took all kings and queens, and is threatning another ace. Hamas touched a nerve, and they will feel our wrath if they don't give up on this one.
  6. What does sitting on their asses waiting for Israel to come bulldoze their houses do?

    As I'd said numerous times, the only way to force Israel to end the occupation is to make it untennable for them to continue it. How else do you suggest they do that?
  7. Stewacide/ferrarista: Everytime Israel tries to make peace with Palestine, Palestine sends anyother one of their suicide bombers and undermines any plans for peace. Palestine does not want peace at all with Israel, they relish the day they can see the destruction of Israel. I have merely stated the obvious, you are a moron if you cannot comprehend or ingest these facts, but argue against and try to make every post into an intellectual debate.
  8. I think they would do alot better if they didn't have the mitlitias. The suicide bombings arn't stopping israel from annihilating them the fact that they would get in too much trouble from the international community if they did stops them. They would have alot more success being the poor defenceless country being invaded if they had no suicide bombers. They have no chance of a military victory, each time they attack israel their situations gets worse. I can not see anyway that the suicide attacks and militias improve their situation.
  9. I think I found the jewish soldier!
  10. Do you have any idea what Israel means by "peaceful solution"?

    Peace for Israelis simply means that the Palestinians get a worthless piece of the territory.

    edit:It would be like if I steel 20 euros from you,you start to fight but I'm stronger and because I'm fed up of the fight I give 2 euros back.
  11. you're a complete asshole.
  12. Ok Mr Idiot.

    63% of Palestinians elected President Abbas to power going against the very popular Fatah party that Arafat founded, why? Abbas was considered a traitor by fatah and hated by hardlined palestinians but endorsed by both the Isrealis and Americans, why?

    I'll tell you why, he was willing to compromise with Israel to the extent that Palestinians, in theory, would be worse of. He was considered a 'friend' of Isreal and was seen as a positive to the peace process. Even after all of this the Palestinian people still elected him, he is the President elect, he is NOT HAMMAS, and HE IS IN CHARGE.

    To say that the Palestinians dont want peace is just plain stupid but there are small factions in the population that are hell bent on causing havoc - these people cant be controlled.

    Lets recap what happened. Israel assasinates and kills palestinians everyday but nothing happens. Palestinians kidnap 1 (one) soldier and they send in an army capable of defeating Eygpt, Bomb the Palestinian Prime Ministers office, threaten to kill the Palestinian prime minister, Bomb Palestinian Government Institutions then go ahead and bomb all fuel supplies, sweage treatment sites then bomb the local power station shutting off power to 1.3 Million Palestinians which inturn cuts off their water supply.

    This is all on top of an ILLEGAL wall they are building which is suffocating the Palestinian people and cutting off their vital agricultural supplies.

    You tell me now, its this fair? No. Do you expect the Palestinians to get pissed of? Yes.
  13. Ban.
  14. So it' ok to make fun of the arabs, yet it'forbidden to make fun of the jews?
  15. Besides the idea of some collective Palestinian mind sending out suicide bombers to scuttle negotiations being proposterous, why should any such attacks be used as an excuse for not negotiating? Israel has suffered innumerable such attacks in the past, and will in the future with or without a settlement. This is simply a red-herring used by Israel to justify their intrangience.

    In fact, if there ever was a case of putting the cart before the horse it's Israel's insistence on complete peace and calm before it will even consider serious negotiations. Peace will grow out of a settlement over time, not the other way around.
  16. Two beggars are sitting on the pavement in Ireland. One is holding a large Cross and the other a large Star of David. Both are holding hats to collect contributions. As people walk by, they lift their noses at the guy holding the Star of David but drop money in the other guy’s hat. Soon one hat is nearly full whilst the other hat is empty.
    A priest watches and then approaches the men. He turns to the guy with the Star of David and says, "Don't you realize that this is a Christian country? You'll never get any contributions in this country holding a Star of David."
    The guy holding the Star of David then turns to the guy holding the Cross and says, "Hymie, look who's trying to teach us Marketing."
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    That first poll shows that you and I were both half right and half wrong. The "Palestinians" favor a 2 state solution, but Hamas doesn't. That's funny because they're the ones who elected Hamas. I also saw a poll a couple of years ago when a lot of busses were being blown up. It said that 78% of "Palestinians" supported the bombers.
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  20. Your jokes are as much as full of shit as you.
  21. STFU, you damn #$%#ing SOB, none likes you and your sympathy for terrorists.
  22. If the Arabs stopped fighting, there would be a lot more international pressure on Israel to end the occupation. That's especially true because of the type of fighting that they do. It creates sympathy for Israel and makes Israel less likely to withdraw. It also makes it very clear to the Israelis that they need the occupation for their own security. The continued violence by the Arabs does NOT make the occupation untennable. The people behind the violence have two goals:
    1.)kill Jews
    2.)prevent peace
    If their goal was ending the occupation, they wouldn't be killing civilians or soldiers.
  23. People laughing about death of other people and being happy that they elected an extremist-terrroris government don't desserve any sympathy but hate. You desserve a horrible death.
  24. Please enlighten me, I want to be like you.
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  25. this subject bores me.

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