HARDCORE Israel - "free soldier or PM dies"

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  1. I think it's pretty awesome, in the end the message is "#$%# with us and we'll #$%# you harder", they're lessoning those sand niggers.
  2. But they aren't learning.
  3. The Jewish people have eaten more shit than anyone else, pretty much ever. They can do whatever they want to survive, IMO.

    Good for Israel.
  4. Some day they will. In the meantime kick their ass.
  5. I'm not sure they will.
  6. Stick with the ass-kickery then.
  7. Aye.
  9. Lol. Don't #$%# with Israel. They Crazy.
  10. True Seansvette.Palestinian are stubborn people, they don't try to understand taht they are in the position of the weak and the wrong also they failed and neglected several times the offers of peace that Israel made with them.
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  12. To everybody criticizing Israel about this, tell me how this current situation started.

    The Palestinians ask for it, plain and simple. Every Israeli tank invasion happens after Palestinian suicide bombers blow up a bus full of Israeli civilians. I'd consider defending the rights of the Palestinians, except they ask for it every time. I'd feel bad them for them right now, except they kill civilians knowing FULL WELL what comes next in the equation.

    The tactics that Israel uses can't exactly be compared to other countries, because there's no other countries that have to deal with even a tenth of the terrorism that Israel does. If Israel didn't stand up to it, they'd be finished. Every country has a right to defend itself from terrorism.
  13. Kannst du nicht dein gottverdammtes Mund halten? Du bist nur ein Stuck von Scheisse.
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  15. Some people lack basic sense of logic and sense of realism to understand what you said or they are pro arab and don't like Israel that much.
  16. Awesome just awesome.
  17. dumme gettojungen
  18. It all started when they left the area and then centuries later decided that they wanted back
  19. *Were forced out, and then offered the land by Great Britain.
  20. Not all were forced to leave, many had left prior to that
  21. Prior to what?
  22. they weren't all forced out at the same time, were they ?
  23. hatsoff to you for writing in German
  24. This goes back several thousand years.

    They were slaughtered by the romans and not allowed to return at one point. But pretty much its gone back and forth in ownership for thousands of years. Just because palestine thinks they got the shaft 60 years ago doesn't mean they now have any more of a right to that land then the jews do. Therefore all this bullshit about who has rights to what is just that, bullshit. You have to throw all that out and consider that at this point in time israel has it so its their land and their right to defend it.
  25. everyone also seems to forget that the TRUE Zionist movement (none of this conspiracy, anti-semetic bullshit that anyone uses the term as today) back around teh turn of the previous century till before WWII was the beginning of the efforts to create a new homeland in their Holy Land; it was done legitimately, purchasing land in the region for their purposes. they'd made a good bit of progress by the time the UN and Britain et. al. decided to give them their own homeland with BRITISH-CONTROLLED territory.

    the fact remains that a HUGE part of the problem existing today was not, in fact, started by "the jews", but in particular the neighboring countries. they can spout rhetoric all the livelong day about "down with Israel", but at the end of the day they still wont take the palestinians in (many of whom are or are related to people from the border countries, pwn3d!), or help them very much. but they would help Arafat and anti-semetic terrorists, oh yes...

    it is admirable that Israel has been working towards making a joint state in teh region. bïtch and moan all you want like stewacide that there are still kinks to work out, and that israel withholds portions of it, but it's undeniable that Israel has time and again made the effort to come to amicable terms, and remain there; time and time again, it is the palestinians (most often under the orders of the terrorist groups that the government has supported, and IS today) who break the cease-fires, DIRECTLY target civilians (say what you will about the israeli military's activity in the past, but they dont DIRECTLY target civilians if they arent trying to take out a threat), and take the platter Israel offers them, and casts it to the floor.

    i dont give a shit that Israel is building a wall, and i dont really give a shit one way or another if Palestine a) doesnt get control of all/any of jerusalem, b) doesnt get 100% of what they ask for, c) gets their government blown into the mediterranean because of crap they pull. i expect the human rights of palestinians to be honored, but that doesnt mean bend over #$%#ing backwards for their brainwashed, hateful, world's-smallest-violin bullshit.

    and if you want to stupidly blame ANYONE for the fact that Israel is even there today, blame your precious UN and Great Britain. otherwise can it.

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