HARDCORE Israel - "free soldier or PM dies"

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  1. Israel has never negotiated in good faith.

    E.g. good faith would be approaching the talks as equals, taking the green line as a starting point, and negotiating mutually-agreeable sawaps

    Israel's line has been we're going to hold what we like, here are the terms we offer, take it or leave it.
  2. They legitimately own the land. Therefore, I see no problem with that.
  3. Well when you know that the person you are trading with only desire is to see you dead you might as well be firm.
  4. #$%# you, like LJFS says, it's their shit. good enough that they've been pursuing a course of action to divide it up.
  5. And by your criteria for good faith, they have ZERO obligation to negotiate in good faith.
  6. Name any other country other than Israel itself that recognizes its right to the '67 conquest.

    Conquest =/= ownership in the modern world. Does the US have right to do whatever it likes to Iraq? I suppose it's perfectly within Uncle Sam's right to set up shop overtop of the oil field and build Dallas II.
  7. That's bulletproof logic.
  8. you are as bad as jocker, m3 all the way and exer regrouped. Seriously stfu you idiotic hobbit.
  9. Has anyone in modern history declared their intentions to remove the U.S. from the map? No?

    Shut up. Israel is the most beseiged country in the world, and they have every right to do whatever is necessary to assure their continued existence, including taking and holding land that they feel would provide a buffer between themselves and a hostile nation.
  10. Maybe if the neighboring countries would just let the Palestinians in, as opposed to just supporting the terrorism that goes on in Israel, we would get somewhere. It's not like Jordan and Egypt are being any nicer to the Palestinians than Israel is. Israel at least allows allows the Palestinians to stay there, despite the fact that they shoot homemade rockets into Israel and blow up buses full of innocent civilians every chance they get.
  11. Israel > palestine

    and I dont fancy neither of them!
  12. I just realized the irony of this post.

    So Israel broke some UN resolutions and according to your logic, this gives the Palestinians the right to do whatever they want, including killing civilians, to Israel.

    So to answer your question according to your own logic: yes, the US can do whatever it wants to Iraq, including killing civilians, because Iraq broke a bunch of UN resolutions.
  13. I suppose if China occupied and started to re-settle the US you'd just throw up your hands and move to Canada?

    You do realize the Palestinians don't throw rocks, shoot missles, and blow up busses for their health?

    They're caught in a classic catch-22. If they do nothing Israel has no modivation to settle. If they act up Israel plays the T-card and still won't settle. What do you want these people to do?
  14. Well they said that their only desire is to destroy isreal and do no recongnise isreal as a state, that's like trading with a known conman.
  15. You're sure you're not a lawyer?

    Israel didn't "break a resolution" it's BREAKING that resolution every day by not handing back the land it took.
  16. Wrong.

    When a government explicitly sanctions terrorism, whatever the reason, there really isn't much need for "getting away" with anything. If Palistine were indeed a state, Isreal's right to act would be no different than the US's right to persue the Taliban in Afghanistan. As Palistine is not a state, it's all really a domestic cluster#$%#, and not much different than Russia's brutal supression of Chechnea. It may not be right, but to say that isreal is the only country in the world to get away with this type of shit is complete BS. Indonesia also comes to mind.
  17. Excuse me, "re-settle" in the US?

    The situations are nothing alike. Let's assume that China was given land next to the US from territory owned by another country. Then the US, Canada, Mexica, and a bunch of other countries declare war on China and lose. Then China takes land from these countries (small amounts in proportion to how big the countries are) and these countries refuse to let their own citizens move back to the US, Canada, or Mexico, or whichever country they lived before.

    It's hard to blame China for that.
  18. And Saddam was breaking those resolutions everyday by having chemical and biological weapons. It's still the same thing. Try again.

    Does breaking (and continuing to break) UN resolutions give any group of people the right to terrorism just because their former countries won't allow them back? This is what you're arguing for, you just can't admit it.
  19. When Israel gets pissed off at the Palestinians for whatever reasons it sends in the planes/tanks/missles/mortars and kills dozzens indiscriminately, and this is perfectly alright / not terrorism?

    Is Israel's goal not to terrorize the Palestinians into behaveing? Show me where any other 1st world government gets away with anything like the same tactics?
  20. You're a #$%#tard.

    "...get's pissed off at the Palestinians for whatever reasons..."

    I suppose that some palestinian kid blowing himself up on a bus killing dozens of Israelis is something that Sharon and Arafat could have just sat down and resolved over scones and tea?

    And Israel's goal is to safeguard the lives of its citizens by whatever means necessary. If that means terrorising the people who A: refused Israeli citizenship and protection when it was offered them and B: continue to indiscriminantly kill innocent Israelis, SO BE IT.
  21. what alot of people aren't seeing with this particular situation is that this is Israel's pissed off face

    Theyre being so over-the-top aggresive on this one because they want to teach them a lesson once and for all, you #$%# with us, we'll #$%# you much much harder because we are much much stronger. I doubt they'll get the message, theyre just gonna #%[email protected] and moan about being oppressed even more.

    The ideal solution to this problem is for the Palestinians to just quit. Thats it. then everything will be fine, they just dont see it.
  22. Has Hanz Blix been telling you something the rest of us don't know? <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/PitLane?displayFAQ=y"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/wink.gif"></A>

    p.s. the US exacted an enormous toll on Iraq for PRECEIVED non-compliance (even before outright invasion), but Israel should get away scott-free with its blatant disregard?

    p.p.s. have you stopped to consider the consequences for the international system is countries could invade each other and annex territory willy-nilly? There is a reason a new norm was adopted post-WW2, and why nobody recognizes such latter-day annexations (see: Western Sahara)
  23. Haha, nice try.

    No other first world country has to deal with a tenth the amount of terrorism that Israel does, so there's no other country that's in the situation that brought those tactics about. I already said this, but you chose to ignore it.

    Show me a first world country that has to deal with anywhere near the terrorism that Israel does first, because until then, there will never be a need for any country to act as Israel does.

    Your question is flawed because it masks the reason for why Israel does what it does. It ignores the unique situation that Israel is in, and pretends like we can just compare what each country does, without looking at causes, and blame one country for doing things that other countries don't do.
  24. We're still finding chemical weapons in Iraq today, but they're not high up enough on the "WMD scale" for anybody to care.
  25. Thank you. I was going to argue the "for whatever reasons" line in his post, but I knew somebody else would handle it.

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