HARDCORE Israel - "free soldier or PM dies"

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  1. What does "just quitting" entail? Mass-suicide?

    p.s. How can you look at a dispute and say the solution is for one side of "disapear", and claim to be any way impartial? The pro Jew/Westener/1st-worlder/powerful anti-Islam/Arab/poor/powerless bias here is astounding.
  2. They're already committing mass suicide when they blow themselves up in attempts to kill innocent civilians in buses and in cafes.

    Israel is just trying to protect its citizens. Why the hell did Hamas go and kidnap a soldier and two civilians? Israel wasn't invading the Gaza strip, it wasn't harassing Palestinians. Israel was just sitting there, dealing with the fact that Palestinians were randomly shooting homemade rockets into their land. Nobody started this conflict right now except Hamas.

    If they would stop killing Israel's civilians ("just quitting" to answer your question), then Israel wouldn't go invade the Gaza strip. This cause and effect thing really eludes some people.
  3. It would entail not killing/kidnapping/angering Israelis. They are digging their own #$%#ing grave.
  4. The concept of national solidarity is too hard for you to fathom? (re: Gazans protesting over the continueing West Bank occupation)
  5. except that israel wasn't the aggressor in 67.
  6. What would you suggest Israel do?
  7. stewacide where are you from?
  8. ontario.
  9. i thought canadians were smarter then that...
  10. It still doesn't work that way. The concept of "agressor/agressed" in terms of who started a war is largely meaningless (as the Nazi's and they'd say Polandprovoked the war).

    The fact remains the integrity of the present international system couldn't be maintained if countries could invade, resettle, and annex each other. Why should the same guarantees the world extends to Israel not be returned also to the Palestinians?

    ...of course this is all too much for you to comprehend because you see Jew vs. Towel-Head and "feel" the truth Colbert style.
  11. True.
  12. I know, his logic is so messed up. If you invade a country and lose land you have no one to blame but yourself.

    They aggressed Israel and got backfired, think of it as reperations for trying to annahilate them.
  13. that's pretty funny. Where'd you find it?
  14. "Terrorism is the answer" Stewacide says.
  15. You're right. Russia does worse. They just liquidate an entire nation within their borders.
  16. I call them Sheet-Heads now <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/PitLane?displayFAQ=y"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/grin.gif"></A>. Israel doesn't invade for fun, they get attacked and as they whoop ass they take some ground.
  17. Its not always the case that Israel won't really commit to peace talks. Many Palestinians don' want peace and step up their attacks to get everyone stirred up to fight.
  18. my local paper (The Ottawa Citizen)
  19. Really though, at this point picking sides is stupid.

    Just like any good blood-fued, both sides have plenty of grievence with eachother. The way they deal with their grievence is what's wrong. Baisically what I am saying is that they deserve eachother.
  20. haha +1
  21. Russia =/= 1st world by most standards.

    Too bad for the Chechens they never gained wide recognition (e.g. w/ the UN). And too bad for Israel that's the closest comparison anyone can draw <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/PitLane?displayFAQ=y"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/wink.gif"></A>
  22. The U.S. needs to nuke the middle east.
  23. You know, you're happy view of the world just doesn't hold up to the reality of military necessity.

    Isreal took the Sinai penninsula to provide a buffer between themselves and a hostile nation. THEN, they promptly offered to cede it BACK to egypt in return for national recognition and comencement of diplomatic relations. What did egypt do? Give them the finger.

    Ryan, your point of view does not coincide with reality.
  24. How has Egypt "given Israel the finger"? They are at peace and there is no threat of war.

    In fact, if you knew the history at all, you'd know Israel commited as part of that agreement to withdrawl from all the occupied territories, something it's not remotely serious about.

    Sinai sets the patern perfectly for how Israel can normalize relations with the Palestinians and the rest of the region: give it back.

    You can't seriously believe a. Israel is under any impending threat of destruction (not only is Israel the mightiest Middle Eastern state in its own right, but has security guarantees from the United States among others), or b. The Palestinian territories provide any kind of meaningful buffer (in case of what?)

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