HARDCORE Israel - "free soldier or PM dies"

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by 996 911 Turbo, Jun 30, 2006.

  1. I'm talking about the '67 conquest and how it provides the basis for Israel to do whatever the #$%# it wants. Which planet are you on?
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  3. Many of them never left.
  4. Air strike on Palestinian PM's HQ

    Israeli aircraft have launched an attack on Gaza City, hitting the office of the Palestinian Prime Minister Ismail Haniya.

    The attack comes during an Israeli incursion into Gaza after one of their soldiers was abducted last week.

    Witnesses said two missiles hit the south side of the offices of the Hamas-led cabinet, starting a fire.

    Three security guards were reportedly injured in the attack, and at least one Hamas member died in a separate strike.

    The attack on the cabinet offices took place at 0145 local time (2245 GMT). The prime minister was not there at the time.

    Mr Haniya visited the scene of the attack later, saying: "They have targeted a symbol for the Palestinian people."

    "We ask the international community and the Arab League to take its responsibilities towards our people and intervene to bring an end to this aggression."

    The BBC's Alan Johnston in Gaza says he heard the sound of helicopters, and that witnesses said one rocket struck Mr Haniya's second floor office, setting the building ablaze.

    Another explosion was heard shortly after.

    Abbas hopeful

    The attack follows a strike on the office of the interior ministry on Thursday.

    Our correspondent says the attacks on ministers' offices were a clear sign the Israelis regarded them as personally responsible for the soldier's fate.

    Israeli forces have also moved into the south of Gaza as part of efforts to free the soldier, Corporal Gilad Shalit, 19, captured by militants during a raid on an Israeli army post last week.

    Speaking before the latest strikes, Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas said he was still hopeful of a peaceful resolution over the capture of the soldier.

    He said that the door to an agreement had not been closed and that negotiations would continue but he indicated that there were limits to his optimism, said our correspondent.

    The three groups believed to be holding the Israeli have demanded the release of 1,000 prisoners held in Israeli prisons, and an end to the offensive. Israel is refusing to consider a prisoner swap.

    Egyptian mediators have so far failed to secure the soldier's release.

    An official close to the negotiations told AFP news agency: "Our efforts to release the soldier have reached a dead end.

    "We could not do any more to release him because there are too many demands interfering with our efforts."

    The UN's special Middle East envoy, Alvero de Soto, is expected to travel to Gaza on Sunday for talks with Mr Abbas.

    Israel has rejected conditions set for information on, or the freeing of, the tank gunner who was seized in a raid on his border post last Sunday in which two other soldiers and two of the attackers died.
  5. If the "Palestinians" do what the Egyptians did, they'll get their land back.
  6. We nuke back.
  7. When did this ever happen
  8. What?
  9. Attempting to assassinate elected heads of government is "hardcore". Woo.
  10. They should charge us fair prices for oil, and we should move the jews to africa. lol. Problem solved.
  11. If we wanted to kill him, he'd be dead. That was just a warning.
  12. Your leaders arent exactly the hardest to kill either, remember Rabin?
  13. Also, this is going to backfire on Israel like nothing else - i hope they go ahead and do it, it will be a win for the Palestinians.
  14. you are such a bleeding heart, hamas leaders dont deserve to live.
  15. So long as they have the backing of the US Israel thinks it's safe to do whatever it wants (and is probably right). I can't imagine what they'd have to do to lose that: unless and until the US mainstream takes notice the Israel lobby will continue to run the show...
  16. He said 'Elected heads of Government' which this guy is whether you like it or not.
  17. It's idiots like you that can't think outside of slogans and truisms that are turning the whole world against the West.
  18. yeah, he is. if al queda got elected in mexico, you better bet the US would do something about it. I dont see how it's any different.
  19. ...?

    I agree, we should just ignore that Hamas doesnt want israel to exist and launches terrorist attacks against israel every week, and make sure they get exactly what they want.
  20. Because the people of Mexico would want them in power, its up to the Mexicans not the Americans to who runs their country.
  21. if a terrorist group gets elected as the rulers of a country, they should be eliminated. Who gives a shit if it's PC or not.
  22. Do yourself a favour, take a lead from the BBC, and ban "terrorist" from your vocabulary. You'll be MUCH better for it
  23. So what do you call Hamas then? Their entire goal is to wipe out Israel.
  24. I'de call Hamas an elected Political party

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