HARDCORE Israel - "free soldier or PM dies"

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  1. with a policy of killing as many jews as possible.
  2. Israel uses violence and the threat of violence to influence its opponents to a far greater degree and scope than the Palestinians could ever hope to. To apply the term "terrorist" to one and not the other is entirely arbitrary.

    These simple-minded labels (terrorists, evil-doers, etc.) too often serve to replace thought and debate. If we can't see the world from the other guys POV we're sunk.

    It's far far easier to call Hamas "terrorists" and the suicide bombers "evil men" than to actually consider their position. They're are, in fact, as convinced of their right as you are of yours.
  3. the difference is that they try to kill innocent civilians and children on buses.
  4. They're doing what they can to accomplish their political ends.

    Their aim is to "kill Jews" no more than Israel's aim is to kill Arabs: it's just the unfortunate consequence of the position they find themselves in.

    Most men, on all sides of every conflict, are as rational and humane as any other. Painting the enemy as killjoys and degenerates is good propaganda, but I pity the educated person who actually believes it.
  5. And it's perfectly alright for them to murder innocent civilians just as long as it's for political means?
  6. I don't know that Hamas are really trying to help the palestinian people, the palestine - israel conflict is very valuable to the extremist factions in the middle east its in their best interest to drag out the conflict as long as possible.
  7. seriously, can you believe this guy?
  8. I mean, I knew his brain had taken a permenant vacation, but holy shit...
  9. why are you guys even arguing with stewacide? we all know he just blows hot air and cant make a decent argument based in fact. he makes other IR's like Demigod look so bad.
  10. I'd call Hamas a terrorist organisation that has attempted to legitimise itself through peaceful political action, yet has not dropped it's terrorist activities.

    It's not all that uncommon.
  11. Thing is though, his argument is based on fact while everyone elses is OMG TERRORIST STUPID ARABS NUKE THEM ALL
  12. Damn, those 2 countries will never ever improve.
  13. What fact?

    The fact that Hamas has kidnapped an Israeli soldier? The fact that Hamas has killed hundreds of Israeli CIVILIANS over the past decade? The fact that they show no signs of putting a stop to these activities? I say eliminate Hamas entirely.

    No matter what anyone says, peace flows from the barrel of a gun.
  14. I'd agree in terms of say Iran, but Palestinian Hamas is a popular Palestinian movement, if a dead-end one symptomatic of the anger and hopelessness of the situation as it stands (same as Lukud cum Kadima on the Israeli side). They'd like to put an end to the troubles as much as anyone living through it I'd have to think: even if they lack any reasonable plan for getting there.
  15. So was Hitler.
  16. That made me laugh out loud.
  17. I'm glad you stopped responding to my posts, and instead you attacked the wording of the thread.
  18. Yeah, because if another country doesn't want the US to exist anymore, well that's not the US's problem, now is it?

    Do you people seriously think that just because an elected government decides that a country shouldn't exist anymore that the country has no right to defend itself? You're all on crack.
  19. You say that as if that designation is mutually exclusive with the word terrorist. Whether or not a political party is elected has nothing to do with whether or not they blow up buses and shoot rockets at civilians.

    Calling them an "elected political party" is just hiding the fact that they are terrorists, by every definition of the word.
  20. Lets do a checklist

    1. They are a political party...Check
    2. They were elected by the Palestinian people..Check

    Seems like im right
  21. Here comes the American, hey guess what...this has nothing to do with American. Also did you know that not 1 (one) Palestinian was involved in 9/11?
  22. The word terrorist is applied to the Palestinians and not Israel because of the fact that the Palestinians target innocent civilians. That's what terrorists do. Israel attacks militants, which is what happens in any battle. Of course civilians are accidentally killed, but that happens in any battle as well.

    Targetting innocent civilians is wrong, no matter what point they're trying to prove. I hope I never get to the point of view where I can justify doing that.

    Being convinced of their right has nothing to do with anything. If somebody is convined of his right to kill me, that doesn't mean he can.

  23. Hamas has stated that they want to end Israel's existence. That's not a consequence, it's a goal.
  24. You're a moron. I've made twenty or more posts in this thread. Please point out one single post where I was being anywhere near as stupid as you are right now by saying that.
  25. Yeah, except you said two things that were true to cover up something that is also true. They're terrorists.

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