HARDCORE Israel - "free soldier or PM dies"

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by 996 911 Turbo, Jun 30, 2006.

  1. Yes I know that. What the hell is your point?

    *EDIT* I guess the concept of my post was too much for your brain to handle.
  4. no, it really isnt. he, like those you're accusing, is only looking at a pathetic sliver of the whole story, as usual. besides, he's already shown his logic on condemning the israelis while sympathizing w/ the palestinians to be fatally flawed.

    but there's no way you could have expected anything else from stewacide. his hot air is the worst.
  5. I'm with Israel a 100 %
  6. Israel has the whole right to defend itself against any form of terrorism. Also may I add that at the very start of the peace talks for the creation of the Palestinian state there was not the question for Palestinians to have an armed police. Palestinian have a police which goes against the resolution that was made when they signed peace talks because there was never a paragarpah mentionning they were allowed to have a police.Now they also elected a group of terrorists which is reflecting who they are and what is their goal: to destroy Israel.
    Israel was given that land, can it, you #$%#ing Hobbit.
  7. The people you are mentionning have a basic lack of understanding the situation as well as to understand that Israel was attacked several times in the past. These people only know to victimize the poor palestinians who voted for terrorists and approve their behaviour.Sadly with terrorists, the only way of negotiating is to kill them with a barrett l82 or with a galil sr99 sniper rifle so at least you will be sure this way of negotiating is working.
  8. great pic. taht is an older tank that was drawn, a sherman m48a2
  9. hte only reason israel exists is because big ole' cousin USA is standing over the region.
  10. It is a group of terrorists desserving a bullet in the head, end of story.
  11. they are as legit as any other political party in reality. Don't let your biases cloud your mind. They fight for a cause by any means needed.
  12. In Europe and North America, the Hamas is officially considered a terrorist organisation though
  13. You're not serious. You're REALLY not serious.

    You honestly think that the violent mass murder of innocent civilians, as a PRIMARY TACTIC, is a legitimate way to accomplish a political goal?

    Ryan Stewart, Chatham, ON, Canada. Looks like a hobbit. I wonder what the RCMP's phone number is?
  14. What else should Palestinians do? Use their helicopters and tanks?No wait...

    And it's not like Israel hasn't killed innocent people...
  15. Perhaps you're too stupid to understand the situation.

    Hamas's PRIMARY MODE OF OPERATION is to kill innocent civilians.

    Israel's primary mod of operation is to kill legitimate military and terrorist targets. As in all wars, sometimes civilians get caught in the way. It's inevitable.
  16. Why does the HAMAS exist? To randomly kill people?
  17. Yes.
  18. Well they suck then.You know that they could send many suicide bombers a day to Israel,don't you?
  19. Yes. The only reason they don't is because they know that Israel will royaly #$%# them up if they do.

    Wait. Scratch that. Being #$%#ed up implies survival. Hamas would not survive Israel's anger. Not a single person.
  20. By using nuclear weapons? That's about the only way I can imagine to kill everyone.

    The Nazi's tried really hard and they couldn't kill everyone.And I still think the Nazi's were meaner than the Israelis are now.
  21. The US wouldn't assassinate any head of state, elected or not, Al Qaeda or not. Israel won't do it either.
  22. Who kidnapped the Israeli? Was it Hamas? or a another group?
  23. That might be the best post in this thread.
  24. Israel arbitrary jails and kills whatever millitants it pleases = OK.

    The Palestinian militants capture an Israeli soldier = the most dispecable kind of terrorism?

    The point is Israel attacks those elements that directly threaten them: the militants. But for the Palestinians it's not so much the Israeli military that's opressing them but the whole machinery of occupation. Attacking the Israeli military gets them absolutely nowhere, because it does little to make the occupation untennable.

    These moral red-lines of yours all seem designs to disempower the powerless.
  25. 3 gourps are taking responsibility for it.

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