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  1. As hardcore as usual... except for the M12. That was a total crap.
  2. It's still no veyron.
  3. And I think Vectors name is somewhat tarnished now. I will have to see it to believe it.
  4. Why can't they make a car that doesn't look like shit.

    Seriously this looks like a concept car from a decade ago!
  5. Looks awful. Why does it say 270mph top speed. Thats just not going to happen.
  6. I think it'll go 270 under the right conditions. It's wide stance and long wheelbase might actually make it somewhat stable at 200+. I imagine what's gonna hold it back though is it's gearbox and placement. If it's really trasverse, then I imagine the the transverse WX-3 of the past, it's running a 3 spd slush box. This, in fact, might be limiting it's v-max considering it's gonna have to be used to putter about as well as take it to it's maximum velocity.

    honestly though, you're using a CF/FG body over a semi aluminum monoccque. You can give it any shape you like and 1850 hp. There's no reason they couldn't have gone for even higher, but I think they're sacraficing that for something else.

    Ugly as sin though, and if it's as slapped together as the SCC, absolutely positively not a veyron compedetor.
  7. I think it's crap. I know lots like the Vector cars but this is ulgly and i highly doubt it will make 270mph. Hell the quarter mile is not even that good.
  8. It seems that they are building a missil, but 1850hp to do 3.3s in 0-60, more than 11 sec in a quarter mile is not realy impressive.
  9. that car luks like shite specs rnt tha great either hu the hell would buy this?????
  10. Arc & ultra, it all comes down to grip. With a car of this much power, 0-60 is a useless stat to make a decent measure of acceleration and it's 1/4 undoubtably suffers for the same reasons. if they gave a 150-200mph stat, it would probably be tremendous (if difficult to understand without something to compare it to)
  11. I do have to agree with most people in here that the car does look a little...pretentious. It certainly is striking, though a little dated, I guess. The rear end isn't bad, and I can see the functional aspect of it, as well as the sides and the roof line. It's mostly the front end. The large, oblong, Supra-esque headlights stretching horizontally along the nose are kind of out there when compared to a lot of modern supercars (seeing that many are going to simpler projector designs i.e. the Zonda, Enzo, Koenigsegg CC, etc.) and the way the chin juts out and the whole nose seems to sweep back from it is reminiscent of a lot of early 90's concepts. But then again, Vector has always been idiosyncratic when it comes to how they build their cars.

    I do have to question the reasoning behind mounting the engine transversely. It seems it would throw the weight balance off pretty severely, and from the looks of things they stretched out the wheelbase to compensate for the awkward engine placement, but even then having a 427 ci V8 mounted like that I would think it would make the car behave like a sledgehammer of sorts, keeping a lot of the weight off the nose and make it handle poorly. But like I said...it's Vector.

    The top speed is pretty intriguing though, and I'm anxious to see if it'll make it or atleast come close. The acceleration isn't that impressive, but wheelspin and/or long gears are probably the cause of that.

    Needless to say it's pretty interesting.
  12. Man I GAVE VECTOR OVER 10 YEARS TO COME BACK WITH SOMETHING DECENT AND THIS IS WHAT I SEE!!!!??? F'ing ugly piece of shyt... Its like the old vector's, but rounded. *cringes*
  13. this is why i hate vectors
  14. This car will revolutionize supercars... this will separate the Murcielagos from the Veyrons. The Veyron was just the start... a heavy, early hyper-car that couldn't corner and had more computers in it than Bill Gate's office, just to stop it spinning off into the trees.

    Hopefully this car can go round corners and isn't like the SCC Ultimate Aero...
    this car is supposed to be capable of 300mph, and the idea of this is to raise the bar so high, that no other manufacturer would even approach it.

    So... to all you veyron and Reventon fans, this car will OWN.
  15. Shut up, n00b. This car will go nowhere and is nothing the Veyron is.
  16. Fu(k off tard, this is crap on four wheels like your mom is crap on two legs.
  17. lullz. it's one leg, i stole the other one.
  18. So that's where it went.
  19. Yes, I ride my bicycle at night and I hit passer-byers with it. Then I laugh mysteriously and ring my little girl bicycle bell. Only after I kill the owners and developers of Vector, however.
  20. ...wtf....lmao
  21. Why are you guy's ripping this car apart? I highly doubt you could come up with something better. you guys all talk like you would turn this car down if it was given to you. why does everyone come on this site and talk like their these car veterans who know everything. unless you OWN a veyron, reventon, enzo etc. I don't think you should be talking bad about this car.
  22. Go blow then come back when you have something better to whine about. THE CAR IS SHIT.
  23. You know, i almost have to sort of agree with the fixitagaintony guy, i mean, who knows. it says right on the page of this article that this is a CONCEPT car and will probably look quite different. who knows, maybe vector has shaped up, grown some bigger balls, and this MAY be the next big thing. But on the other hand, this could just be another crapy car from the arse of Vector. Only time and a test will decide anything. i think almost every one on here has jumped the gun a bit on this one. Test it, and then start bashing it. If it sucks, we can all tear it apart, but until we know for sure, i think we should all just take a step back and watch this car become what it becomes.

    But Vector...did you really have to rip off Supra headlights?...Even if it is a concept, disappointing.

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