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  1. #1 I didn't know the Reventon had fans

    #2 isn't fixitagaintony ripping on fiat?

    #3 none of us can build cars, i guess we should shut down the forum because we are obviously not qualified to state our opinions.

    #4 cars that are not reengineered or have no new advancements don't stand out for long if at all because more power can always be made.

    #5 cars like the mclaren which are built from the ground up for a certain purpose with a clear goal do go somewhere.

    #6 if you guys still consider the veyron as top dog, you wont for long because of #4
  2. yeah except, the veyron is this big heavy thing that just happens to be the fastest car in the world. this is light, and questionably faster.
  3. this is not car, theres nothing else compare with veyron, the best car ever, if i had the money ((hahahahahahah)) i wouldnt buy this "thing".
  4. HAHA... yes well a least shes not crap on four legs like your mum who happens to be Lassie's stunt double, the #$%#in #%[email protected] =] n00b

    this car is good... its quite obvious. they veyron is shit cos it weighs almost 3 tonnes, which is why it needs that 1001bhp.

    well I may not be able to build cars, but at least i know how they work and I understand basic aerodynamics. this would be better in a wind tunnel than a veyron... may be uglier (even tho the veyron looks like ^ that whinny #%[email protected]'s mum), but who really cares when your going that fast cos no one will see you.

    dont call me a n00b or ill start goin into the maths of why this car is good and this will make this post very boring, very fast.

  5. lol. n00b. first, the veyron weighs barely 2 tonnes, get it right. and better in the wind tunnel? i doubt it. the veyron's limit is governed in fear the tires would rip to shreads after all that weight and all that downforce. you're a moron, this car is rubbish.
  6. well technicalities don't really matter at its 2041kgs, which is bloody heavy for a performance car.
    they veyron's shape isn't as aerodynamically efficient is the vectors... you want the air to have as little resistance as possible... the veyron has a place where a wind vortex can form right in front of the dashboard, the air doesn't go cleanly right over the car... if it was redesigned it would go faster, but would look more like this car with the sloping bonnet.

    look... all you have put forward in this argument is that i am a n00b and whatever i say is wrong, i can pretty much assume youre a complete prick.
    show me some evidence about the wind tunnel and yes i know about the tire problem Volkswagen had during the prototype stages.

    the veyron could not go 260+ mph even if it had a 1500bhp engine and was the same weight. yes in 5-10 years the veyron will still be around, but if its not the vector... some other production car will have broken 300mph.

    look for yourself:
  7. but it only takes 1001hp to make a 2 tonne car move to 250, where it takes the 1850 to make the much lighter car go only a little faster, and i'm sure 270 is just a claim, who knows if it will even stay in one piece....it is a vector ya know. im sure you might claim the tranny has a some to do with this....which i wont really doubt either, the veryon's tranny is spectacular. as is the rest of the car.
  8. ive looked on vectors website, the 270mph model is good for around 750bhp... the proposed twin supercharged 7.0 1850bhp engine will be an option which will propel the car to around 300mph using 'Bonneville style' gearing according to vector.

    the Bugatti already has been beaten by numerous production cars so i don't see why your so intent on protecting it when its already an out dated car design from the late nineties...
  9. "the Bugatti already has been beaten by numerous production cars so i don't see why your so intent on protecting it when its already an out dated car design from the late nineties... "

    OH SNAP!

    Yeah id have to agree. Im not much of a Veyron fan myself. It got old fast.
  10. The sad thing is it took you a few days to come up with that. Ahh your poor mom lol.
  11. The car won't do anything wait and see.
  12. i reckon this will end up like all the other vectors... fast as they said it was but it bankrupts the company lol

    IF this car does reach production... it will kick sum ass but, for the moment I've got to agree with arclight...

    id say 2010 it may be moving lol.. ahhh i dunno
  13. I got a hardcore in my pants from this.
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    True albeit this is still Vector but who knows if they are what we think they are, though. Still that's what you and others said about the SSC Ultimate Aero Twin Turbo remember, and look what happen the Aero TT went to 256.45 mph according to Guinness World Records. So with that said I wouldn't be surprised if this could go to 269.75 mph average at accelerating to 270 mph and then back again, and maybe if and when it maybe goes to Ehra Lessen VAG, it very well could do that. Oh yeah fyi, that 1850hp is with either the twin supercharger or the twin turbocharger option package that you can get this is according to the info on their website. Here is there website if you want to check it out at all.

    http://www.vectormotors.com/ oh you if go to it click on WX8 Specifications there you'll find that if you want to upgrade to the 10L big block you can. If you didn't, here are some of the specs.:


    ~Type----U.S.A Built Aluminum Alloy 90 degree V8 (proven race-engineering engine).
    ~Displacement----7-10L small or big block choices.
    ~Horsepower Range----700-1850 hp @ 6000 rpm w/ single or twin superchargers or turbochargers.
    ~Torque------800-1700 ft/Ibs+ @ 7000 rpm, depending on boost.


    ~Transaxle----High performance multi-speed sequential shift system.

    ~-Just some of the specs from there website.<A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/PitLane?displayFAQ=y"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/wink.gif"></A>
  15. Vector has always had a lot of respect behind their cars. Mainly because it is plainly obvious that the company has a lot of potential. Their cars are extremely creative and original. The team that makes up Vector is also very dedicated. The problem that has always plagued Vector is lack of liquidity (ability to pay the bills). If Vector had the budget that Pagani, Bugatti, and even Mosler have, than they would be able to turn out a more respectable final product. Whereas, SSC have the budget, but not the willingness/knowhow and devotion required to turn out a decent product. Thus, Vector will always garnish more respect than SSC, eventhough their products are similar in shit quality.
  16. I have never been a big fan of vector but i dont think these guys will reach the 300mph mark even if they are pushin 1900hp. The quality of their cars have never been great at all(as of course a lot of people have already stated), we'll just have to wait and see what happens.
  17. i would
  18. i would
  19. i would definetly buy it
  20. If this car had a longitudinal mid-engine layout and was powered by a 6.1 Hemi that was bored and stroked to the magic 426 C.I.D. figure, I'd buy it in a heartbeat, even though I admit I'm more partial to the WX-3 myself.
  21. Uh, yeah I know man, thanks for that obvious tidbit of information in that post. I don't know what the f*ck I was smokin' then, because now I finally remember about Vectors Liabilities and liquidity of debt. Also, seeing its headlights in more up close and personal photos, its clear there off the f*ckin' Toyota Supra. What Vector needs is a total overhaul of its operations, designers, engine/transmission developers, plus research and development staff, plus management, boardroom executives and CEO, CFO and COO. Finally, its owner would have to most likely be a billionaire, or at least have over $700 million to his/her name. Oh and should have knowledge of cars, albeit from an automotive institution, (like, WyoTech and UTI) plus possibly be a former technician as well.

    But now I don't mean too be a stickler here, but how would YOU know if SSC's Ultimate Aero TT is in fact, "similar in sh*t quality" to anything from Vector??? Because, if memory serves me correctly here, wasn't the WX-3 and WX-8 Avtech concepts, plagued with engine malfunctions, (i.e, over heating, or even catching on fire)???
  22. Since when did weight affect top speed?

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