Harlequin Ichtyosis

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  1. and then i vomitted
  2. bahahaha read the comment on the video

    sick arab bastards, is this how all arabs start life? or do they grow into animals after age 4 sick arab #$%#s!!
  3. Oh sweet cool.
  4. luckily the baby doesnt live very long.
    So it doesnt suffer that much.
    really #$%#ed up disease.
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    This dude is like 20 and has it:
    That's a triathalon swimsuit he's wearing, too. Apparantly, he does alright for himself.
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    yeah but surviving past a few days is extremely rare. I feel really bad for that guy.
  7. someone post the pic of the guy with the huge keratin layers on his hands
  9. Quick research (non wiki) says:

    That in some cases they can live into adolesence or adulthood, and that there may be some sort of therapy/cure in the pipes.
  10. Yeah I think we've been through this not too long ago, but that video is very creepy. Makes me shudder.
  11. /cool.

    Abnormal medical conditions are fascinating.
  12. Thats why I posted it/brought it back up.
  13. Actually, as horrible as it is for the person going through it (most times I imagine), I find stuff like this/that interesting as well. I could never stomach having to say, perform operation or whatever on someone/be a doctor, but DNA is crazy.
  14. Apparently this shit only happens with both parents of the child have the defective gene, and are somehow blood related in past lineage.

  15. My god.

    That's so HOT!
  16. I don't think you're all that
  17. milk it for antivenin before it slithers away!!
  18. LOL
  19. aye que rico, though. in caps.

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