harleys and gold wings

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  1. which is better
  2. Harleys, but im biased cause i own one.
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  4. ferrarimad stop making threads.
  5. Harley will always best the Goldwing. It's all about tradition, history, passion & prestige, all of which Harley Davidson posesses.
  6. So you're saying that the Goldwing, in production for almost 30 years with cutting edge technology, reliability, and performance, has no tradition, history, or prestige?

    What are you on? Oh, right... you've got Discovery Channel and want to be "cool" like Jesse James, right?

    Harley makes a nice bike - very pretty, reliable, etc. but it certainly isn't in the same league as a Goldwing, or any comprable Honda, for that matter.
  7. Goldwing - We have one and its sooo comfotable and smooth.
  8. Japanese reliability is seriously blown out of proportion. A great example is a recent Motorcyclist article describing their time with a Triumph 600TT. A company that certainty isn’t known for reliability managed to reach 7,000 miles without major problems, a feat that couldn’t be said for some Japanese 600s tested by the same magazine.

    In addition Harley uses some pretty modern techniques like hydro forming frames while the Japanese still make some pretty ugly looking welds.

    Don’t get me wrong I like Japanese sport bikes, but Japan’s bikes have the ugliest looking frames ever. Look at a Harley, or an Italian bike to see what a frame is supposed to look like. There is a reason the Japanese choose to hide it with plastic.
  9. Another thing the Japanese are completely oblivious to is the radiator. Harley spent a ridiculous amount of research on the VRod’s cowling so it was not only functional but looked good. Somewhere along the line Japan got confused into thinking that black paint was invisibility paint and if you painted the radiator black nobody would notice it.
  10. there are 2 types of motorcycle riders, those who ride harleys and those who wish they did <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/emoticons.html"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="http://speed.supercars.net/pitlane/emoticons/wink.gif"></A>

  11. That is the biggest load of shit I have ever heard.

    What japanese 600s didnt make 7,000 miles you idiot. cause gee let me think. Everyone I know that rides has managed more then that on their jap bikes.

    Hmmm and what. I managed to do 60,000km's on a cbr250rr without taking much care of it at all. Reving the crap out of it. Trackday. No problems. And i'm not the only one. and thats a OLD jap bike.
  12. wtf happend to my reply.
  13. You're right about the hydroforming on the VRod, but that hasn't shown to be significantly stronger, just prettier. I didn't think I insulted Harley's looks - and I even commented on their reliability, as well. My point is that Harleys (and Triumphs) became more reliable IN RECENT YEARS because of the traditional reliability of the Japanese brands. All bikes (and cars) are better now because of companies like Honda, that introduced GM, Ford, Harley, Triumph, etc. to the concepts of QC and long term reliability.

    Further, go to a Yamaha dealer and check out the new 600 middleweight naked... THAT is a beautiful frame. I don't know what Japanese bikes you're looking at, but I'm guessing they all have a sticker under $8k.
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    Gota agree with you groupb.

    And while I LOVE the V-rod (got the brochure, and am still trying to figure out how to budget for it), it was engineered and designed with loads of help from Porsche and Porsche Design (which is one of the things I love about it).

    As for reliability, I've seen a CBR600F with over 100k miles on it already. My katana had 10k on it, and my buddy's 600 Hurricane had 25k on it. Even my CB 750F had over 30k on it when I got it.

    If these are nasty frames, then I've only owned one car, ever...

    <A HREF="http://www.gold-wing.net/images/3910-honda.jpg

    http://www.mcnews.com.au/NewBikeCatalogue/2002/Honda/SP2/Naked_LHT_700p.JPG" TARGET="_new">http://www.gold-wing.net/images/3910-honda.jpg

    <A HREF="http://www.mcnews.com.au/NewBikeCatalogue/2002/Honda/SP2/Naked_LHT_700p.JPG</A>" TARGET="_new">http://www.mcnews.com.au/NewBikeCatalogue/2002/Honda/SP2/Naked_LHT_700p.JPG</A></A>
  15. I personally would never buy a Harley.
    No power, no reliability, more expensive spare parts, no stability. What I've heard is that HD's start to vobble at about 130kmh. Can't respect that very much.
    Dunno about the V-Rod, it's perhaps the only decent bike HD has ever made. But hey, they got help from Porsche. And _extremely_ overpriced.
    About vobbling, Goldwing gets unstable at about 180kmh.
    Try BMW for travelling, stable at +200kmh with no problems.
    Try Blackbird, Hayabusa etc for track.

    If the product is inferior to others, heritage, prestige & tradition don't fix it. Sorry guys. Must be sad to talk about stuff like that when your bike's got 50hp (again, v-rod makes a difference).

    About Italian reliability, a friend of mine competes in local 600cc series. When he had a Ducati, they had to open the engine and do a lot to keep it going after every race.
    Now after they've changed to Suzuki, they don't need to do almost anything, rock steady all season long.

  16. I wouldn't buy either
    I'd rather have something for trails than roads
    ppl drive like morons, and I don't wanna die early
  17. It's been a long time since a Harley had 50 hp... and while I think most of them are expensive, I don't think they are overpriced: they are priced right for their intended market.

  18. I have a GSXR 400cc altered to fit on a Honda cruiser's frame and looks like a bloody Harley. Don't tell me about japanese reliability, it stinks. That bike, i have to carry it instead of vice versa. breaks down, sometimes the Igniter quits, sometimes it's the wiring, sometimes it's the plugs, and once the engine just quit AFTER i changed the oil! Some local fiend built it with his three hands, sold it to a friend of mine who sold it to me. After all that, give me a beautiful Harley anyday .. . . .
  19. No power? it has plenty of power for what it is. they are not meant to be blazing fast bikes

    HD's do not wobble at 80mph, not even 100mph, ive had the VROD, the Road King, and the Fat Boy over 90pmh

    reliabilty? you heard wrong, everyone that i know with a harley (with over 15k miles) has not had one serious problem yet.

    stop listening to your donor cycle friends

    "If the product is inferior to others, heritage, prestige & tradition don't fix it. Sorry guys. Must be sad to talk about stuff like that when your bike's got 50hp (again, v-rod makes a difference). "

    the products are not inferior, people are willing to spend big money on these bikes for a reason. the heritage, prestige and tradition is what makes harley what it is. no matter how good the competition is, they will still never be a Harley.
  20. They didn't mention any names and "cause" gee let me think. They ride alot more bikes than anyone YOU know.

    My buddy got 42,000 miles out of his Ninja 250R before the rings finally went. 60% of those miles were highway too.
  21. You may have fooled someone into thinking you actually knew something but you ended up proving you don't know what the hell you are talking about when you said the Hayabusa would be good at a track. Hence it's GSX1300R naming. It's to big and heavy to be a sport bike and is actually a sport tourer.

    And the only time in Harley's history in which quality suffered was in the 1970s when AMF owned them. What do you live in a time machine? Sometimes I think the Japanese do since they still sell the Vmax virtually unchanged in 20 years.
  22. "Some local fiend built it with his three hands, sold it to a friend of mine who sold it to me"

    So you bought it of some dude who bought it off some dude who had screwed around with the engine doing god knows what and that means that its unreliable.

    thats some good logic there.

  23. Oh so now you know the people I know?

    So your buddy got 42,000 miles out of a 250r and you still think jap bikes are unreliable? have you had a look at how many revs the ninja has to do to do 100kph/60mph? Did he regularly service it?

    So they ride a lot more bikes then anyone I know huh? Well let me see. I know people with just about every bike under the sun. I know some who have raced at national levels for years, I know a guy that actually does reviews of bikes, a guy that has raced, runs superbike school, runs trackdays.

    So I guess they dont know what they are talking about, and the huge number of riders I know who havent had any reliability problems with all kinds of jap bikes including the 4 DIFFERENT jap bikes I've personally owned and thrashed absolute shit out of == unreliable.

    And take note dumbass, I never said harelys are unreliable. They are in my opinion, but that said they also cost a lot and dont rev as high. Jap bikes are NOT unreliable. And I can point you to the odd 5-8 people I've known to have done over 100,000km on their cbr929's without any major problems.

    And your telling me these guys from some unkown magazine, on some UNKNOWN jap bikes couldnt get more then 7,000miles without any problems. What a load of shit.
  24. If you wanted to take a cross country bike ride, there's nothing better than a Goldwing. I personally think Harleys are overrated. Yea they're pretty good bikes, but they offer nothing that you can't get on another bike. Harley's are everywhere and I consider everyone that buys one a sucker. They're paying premium $ for the name and nothing else. The Goldwing is the Ultimate tourer. If this comparo was between say a Sportster and a Magna or something to that effect Id take the Harely, but for a touring bike, nothing comes close to a GL.
  25. I think HD makes better cruisers than they make tourers.

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