harleys and gold wings

Discussion in 'Trucks and Motorcycles' started by ferrarimad, Aug 30, 2004.

  1. Oh yeah. Base your opinion on ALL Japanese bikes on some poorly modded and abused hybrid custom...

    I need a rolleyes smiley...
  2. So wait a minute. I shouldn't base the reliability of Japanese bikes on my friend's bike yet the ONLY proof you offer is the mileage of your own bike?

    Yeah that's some hypocrisy

    And who cares how high he has to rev it or when he serviced it because according to your own post:

    "I managed to do 60,000km's on a cbr250rr without taking much care of it at all. Reving the crap out of it. Trackday. No problems."

    You're a retarded ass Japanese fanboy with zero facts and a truck load of bullshit.
  3. harleys are gay, except for the v-rod and a handful fo custom ones
  4. I despise Harleys. Minus the V-Rod.

    I think that the Goldwing is the finest travel bike in the world. My dad has one for his commute, and says it is the best thing ever. Comfy, solid as a rock, great sound system, cruise control, the werks.

    BMW's, in my mind are the best off-road bikes around. They have won Dakar countless times.

    TDK is right, the Blackbird and Hayabusa are sport tourers in sport guise. They are too big and heavy to be effective for any track save the drag strip.
  5. Yeah the only difference is I can read and comprehend.

    What I said:
    " I know people with just about every bike under the sun. I know some who have raced at national levels for years, I know a guy that actually does reviews of bikes, a guy that has raced, runs superbike school, runs trackdays"

    AND I also said

    "And I can point you to the odd 5-8 people I've known to have done over 100,000km on their cbr929's without any major problems"

    what you said:
    "So wait a minute. I shouldn't base the reliability of Japanese bikes on my friend's bike yet the ONLY proof you offer is the mileage of your own bike?"

    ONLY proof is mileage on my bike? No it isnt mr downsyndrome.

    maybe you should try reading what you quoted from me. #$%#wit.

    You really are one of the most dense ignorant one eyed dumbasses I've ever come accross.

    I can also point you to EASILY over 10 250's that have done well over 50,000kms and some of those k's on racetrack without any major dramas.
  6. I know one thing for sure. Harley's sound #$%#ing sweet. No other bike sounds like a Harley, regardless of configuration or displacement. None. You might have another bike with a lopey idling V-twin, but nothing sounds like a Harley.

    That said, there's a pretty good reason why people get Harleys. Think of any classic Chevy or Ford. For many many years (in some cases decades), the design was mostly the same. Parts could interchange between different years and models pretty easily, and there's so many out there that parts are easy to get a hold of and install. That's what a Harley is like.

    So you ask why do people buy Harleys? Why do people still to this day buy Chevelles, or Mustangs, or Barracudas?

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