Has the American car lost it's pizzaz?

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by 2998ccCSL, Jun 1, 2009.

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  10. No they have not lost there pizzaz. American cars release a lot of exciting products (Well when they are not copying the Japanese or Europeans, and actually build an American car it is a hit!). The problem is American companies have ADD. Once they have a hit product, they sit on it and let it go to hell. The Taurus is a perfect example, a hit when it came out (granted not perfect, but a hit which could have been worked with), but ford failed to build on the brand and let it fall into a subpar car which eventually became a running joke. The same story can be repeated with the PT Cruiser, the entire Saturn Brand, and is currently happening with the 300C. The American car companies fail to run with a hit new product.
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  12. Ford Europe has a ton of pizzaz. American Ford should just produce what they produce.
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    the cobalt isnt exciting or cant compete?
    beats the mazdaspeed3, ralliart, and loses by less than 2 tenths to the wrx while it was missing its optional differential which made the cobalt to post a slower time than the wrx.

    beats the two evolutions mr, a s2000 cr, lexus IS-F, and more at the track!
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    Too bad the Cobalt is being replaced..
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  16. A green world campaign and terrible 80's and 90's designs have been the reason for imports to sell well in the states ... since 2003 with the introduction of the HEMI engine, The MDS system on chevy big trucks and some other features (including new designs) have helped the american cars image .. but that's not enought ... other problems like a financial problem at GM's or Chrysler spot on the CNN headline news and a terrible bank situation makes this whole deal to get worst. just tell me who's going to buy a car from a broke company and who's going to finance a car with an american bank while these banks are broke too ... I'm a PRO american cars and I really hate boring camrys and civics . but let's face It . we, the people who really knows aboout cars need to tell every single person that the american brands are making better cars than the foreign brands ... G8 is the best example, that car is a bang for the buck!
  17. The G8, along with Pontiac are dead.
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