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  1. Whatever the reason, Webber (or his tyres)was great.
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    What about Mark Webber? ****


    Q: If you analyze it, what has had the biggest impact on racing this season: tyres, moveable rear wing, KERS - or the need for a more sophisticated strategy?
    MW: Tyres, 100 percent. KERS is invisible. The rear wing has done a bit, but I would say that tyres are 60 percent, rear wing 30 percent and KERS 10 percent.
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    LOL like he can talk about it... he hasnt even used KERS in the first few races haha.
  4. yup, and he was still the fastest car on track in China.
  5. The interesting thing is that if his KERS was working, he probably would have actually won the race.
  6. And when's the last time you used KERS? ****?!
  7. Haha. Technically, when my dad wanted to get a prius, and i had a test drive it and its shitty brakes and basically said nah this is a piece of shit aye.
  8. Kers was invisible at turkey. Drs was alil too easy this time. Still lots of good racing and solid overtakes.
  9. the DRS seemed really artificial, especially yesterday.
  10. Yeah. I think it shouldnt be used in places where the car is already at really high speed.
  11. I agree DRS was a bit of a joke this race. It could have easily been half a second further down the track.
  12. It only takes effect at really high speed... So putting it on a medium speed section like Turkey front straight would have nearly zero effect.

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