hauntingly familiar

Discussion in '2002 Laraki Fulgura Concept' started by miles davis, Aug 10, 2002.

  1. I reckon they got a 360 sipder, played with the plastic bits and cut the back off... then dumped it on top of a lambo... who's with me?<!-- Signature -->
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    I'm with you... but this right here has serious POWER! 720 hp and all!<!-- Signature -->
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    It's a cross between the 360 Modena and the Murcielago.<!-- Signature -->
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    Funny, that's exactly what I thought when I saw the pics. 360 Mondena / Lambo hybrid.
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    I am making this car for the game Need For Speed High Stakes. It does not really resemble a modena. If you see the back, you can tell it is directly based off a Lamborghini Diablo.<!-- Signature -->
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    here's what i think:
    it's a murcielago, with a very confused 360 modena/550 marenello front, with Rossa taillights.
    the rest is all lambo.
    it's great, but because it looks so familiar, you'd almost think it's a jap imitation. no offense to japanese ppl btw.
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    Not my cup of tea
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    a supercar messiah? did you create supercars.net? thats' wicked man, Keep on posting soon you'll be like a supercars god or something
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    i think it lookms more like the 550 instead of trhe 360...still cool though<!-- Signature -->

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