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  1. Deceptively quick. This car has tons of thrust, especially on the highway.<!-- Signature -->
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    The late 1980s AMG hammer will blow this merc away.<!-- Signature -->
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    I don't think so.<!-- Signature -->
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    yeah me 2 <IMG SRC="http://www.supercars.net/servlets/cMsg/html/emoticons/smile.gif"> i don't think so <IMG SRC="http://www.supercars.net/servlets/cMsg/html/emoticons/smile.gif">
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    Didnt porsche make these things?
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    Yes the engine was made in addition with Porsche<!-- Signature -->
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    Nothing to add. Just a great great car <IMG SRC="http://www.supercars.net/servlets/cMsg/html/emoticons/smile.gif">
    one of my favourite ever.<!-- Signature -->
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    maybe....?<!-- Signature -->
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    really i have seen one and the owner siad if you have an chip tuning with this car than he goes 320 km/h!!!!!!

    i like it really the car on the picture hre sux but u have special models sport models that r really good im in love with this car
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    My understanding is that Porsche helped widen the car, as it was cut down the middle longitudinally. If you put this car nose-to-nose with a 190/260/300E you'll see the 500E has some extra width. There are bolsters on the interior between the seats too to make up for the added width.
    Did Porsche also help with the engine development? I know the motor is essentially the same as came in the 500SL Benzes, but maybe they helped to extract more power from the motor too..?
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    What Porche did was raise the torque to around 480 or 490 NM, the original 500 engine has 450 or 460 .,.,
  12. you really have one?
    have a '94

    Please keep it... or crash it (i dont want it) it sucks
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    u suck!! the design of this car come from the mid 80's,,,..back then it was a beatufil car...it's still a beautiful car...
  14. you really have one?Re: have a '94

    Keep what? Who would give one of these to you anyway, your an idiot. Crash it? Why? Just so you can see how safe it really is? How about we crash one into the side of your car, see who comes out worse.
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    I was lucky enough to drive a 1989 230E and I absolutely loved it. 2.3 litres might not sound much, but it went well. I'd love to see how this baby will go. It is quite a super car! I'd have to agree with the boys seeing it as a beatiful car. It really is! In fact with a set of adjustables lowered on a set of 18s with 35 tyres, ooooh yeah!
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    Well Porsche widened the fenders in front to give it a wider stance in front, car is not widened inside or in the back.

    Porsche designed the suspension and braking system for the car, aswell as giving the engine more torque, the HP is the same as the 500 SL but the torque is 480 nm instead of 460...
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    The hammer was an awesome car in its time, buit even with its tuning of teh old 6.3 V8, it was an engine that was a nearly 20 yrs old when the more advanced 5litre was worked on by both Mercedes and Porsche, so it wouldnt have much of a chance, as well as being geared towrds racing unlike the Q - car intentions of this underrated M5 alternative
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    Clarification on some points:

    - the AMG Hammer 6.0 IS faster than the 500E, but cost over $180K USD and is not street legal in North America
    - the 500E is not as fast but cost $81K USD, is 50 state legal and can be serviced by ANY MB dealership
    - Porsche was subcontracted for modification of the chassis and final assembly
    - most of the development was done by MB engineers with some input from Porsche
    - the engine is a decked and slightly modified M119, the same as an R129 500SL
    - the drivetrain was R129 500SL as well
    - fixed calipers and ventilated rotors at all 4 corners
    - ride height is about .8" lower than regular W124
    - track is about 1.5" wider
    - firewall was modified to accept engine
    - driveline tunnel was widened
    - battery was moved to the rear to aid in weight distribution
    - weight dist. is 50/50
    - chassis were sent from MB to Porsche for widening (not by cutting longitudinally down the middle as suggested) and modification
    - cars were modified and assembled BY HAND, side-by-side with the Audi RS2 by Porsche at Rossel-Bau - same plant that produced the 959
    - chassis went back to MB for prep and paint
    - chassis then went back to Porsche for assembly
    - delivered to MB for final quality check
    - more than 4000 new parts were required to turn a 300E into a 500E
    - approx. 10,000 were built from 1992-1994 model years
    - less than 2000 were built as North American spec

    any questions?
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    the car was not "cut down the middle". it waswidened by splaying the frame rails and reinforcing the floorpan.

    the engine is a decked version of the 500SL engine. decked to allow it to fit in the smaller engine bay of the W124 chassis.

    longer intake runners added power
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    The Hammer used the M117 5.6L engine out of the 560SE and SL which was bored and stroked to 6.0L and had 4-valve cylinderheads designed by AMG. they produced 350+ hp.

    It WILL kick the crap out of a 500E, but the 500E will be nicer to drive and a hell of a lot more less to maintain given that the 500E was a factory MB car and had 100% dealership support.
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    driver's seats were moved further outboard because the transmission tunnel has been widened.

    rear track and fenders have been widened as well
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    great info there yvrbenz.

    The hammer 6.0 had 380 HP...

    i have a site up thats trying to contain as much info as possible about amg, most pre 1990. if you have anything to add, drop me a line will you... mail address is on the site

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    the hammer was originally 5.6 litres of teh merc 500 v8 (not to be confused with the 560 engine in mercs as this was produced for US emmisiion regs
    it later came to six litres and 381 bhp, and would definately beat this as this was limited to 155mph like all mercs
    never a 6.3, u are thinking ofo teh 300sel 6.3 or teh merc 600 of the '60s
    AMG actually sold a E500 6.0 which was the hammer concurrently with this which definatley beat this
    so to sum up teh hammer would beat this
    AND its not a twenty year old design either, when they were in production only between 8 to zero years


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