Have I lost the PASSION ?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by RockaForte, Jul 25, 2007.

  1. Following a meeting with a friend that I haven't met in 2 years, and lots of alcool I promised never to smoke, cheat, or drink other then my home made wine with my grandfather.

    My question to all your Passion understanding fellow members is, have I lost the PASSION ?
  2. Dirty Portuguese.
  3. homemade wine or moonshine?
  4. migrate to me-hee-co why don't you.
  5. Why did you do that?
  6. Wine, i don't waste time with potatoes
  7. Picture yourself saying goodbye to your brother, and he asks of you to be the best man you can, would you deny him his wich ?
  8. Stop ignoring me your Portugupig.
  9. Hollywood is a dumbass
  10. I can only see cheating as the only negative thing on that list, so the other things can't really make you less of a good person.

    But to be honest I don't know if I could/would do it if his words were exactly (that is not to drink/smoke etc.) I mean if he loved you he wouldn't "imprisson" you, he would set you free.

    I mean a good person is ofcourse highly debateble but I think we two know what that entails from our point of view.
  11. My friend is returning to france tomorrow, we bowed to save up and meet each other as soon as when can. He also made me promise that I wouldn't mistreat my gf - his sister in law as he refer to her - and neither would i engage in potential harming situations to her - read drinking
  12. as soon as you stop acting retarded
  13. If he isn't around then how is he gonna know that you're doing that shit/
  14. Its a matter of moral, one can't betray a brother
  15. You get agreessive when you drink?
  16. he has passion.
  17. Well what happened to your brother?
  18. no, just horny as hell
  19. long story short, he gambled his life away. Had to leave country to get his shit together
  20. use the money you save from not buying smokes /alcohol on custom tailored suits
  21. Ah ok got cha.
  22. for 4 years of my life i've been wearing a suit, i'm tired of ties
  23. on the right
  24. so, floss with an open collar, still looks fine

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