Have you ever been robbed?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Veyronman, Nov 21, 2013.

  1. I was robbed last night. Dude had a knife. Took my phone.

    No insurance ;_;
  2. Nee.

    Be glad that the robber didn't stab you. A lot of them stab you and then just take what they want or stab you after they have gotten what they want.
  3. Sucks dude. And nope, never been in such situation.
  4. No but someone stole an iPod out of my car once
    Left the rear window cracked
  5. Nope. CR was almost kinda mugged once but foiled the crims.

    That sucks about getting robbed though. I'd be pissed.
  6. I thought he was going to stab me throughout the entire ordeal.

    He had the knife pushed against my shoulder, so I just had to comply.
  7. Had an Azeri taxist trying it with me in Moscow and a guy threatening me back when I worked at Virgin's, but he walked off because I didn't cave in (which was against the company's policies I wasn't familiar with, I mean, #$%#, I was 17 and only my part-time job ok)
  8. hda my identity stolen in 2010, it stopped around 2012..
    had my SONY XPLOD faceplate stolen in my Tercel in 2001.

    nothing IRL though, I'm too much too handle for that I guess
  9. Our old house got broken into a couple of times. Pretty much everything electronic was taken on the second time.
  10. at knifepoint? no. but yeah some eastern european scumbag pickpocketed my phone when in oslo a few years ago.

    also the tablet out of my car like two months ago. got that back though.
  11. identity stolen?
  12. my beard scares people
  13. someone pretends to be you , or at least when they go to pay for things on credit ...

  14. I know what it is, my question more implied how it could happen, because he strikes me as someone generally careful with his private biz
  15. ah lol

    I was putting fuel in the car, when I was aboot to put back the cc in the wallet, I got an important call so I put the wallet ON THE ROOF OF THE CAR then took the call
    then I put gaz and continue talking on the phone until I leave

    leaving the walled on the roof

    someone found my wallet then stole identity and remove 5k from my account with my id, no need for NIP since my bank is stupid

    short story long man
  16. I got robbed of my virginity
  17. same here bro, same here
  18. But unlike you, I didn't get pregnant
  19. didn't know i had a uterus.
  20. You know what I mean
  21. aw man, that's #$%#ed up, glad that's sorted now though
  22. robbed and burglurazied and jacked
  23. Wait. Niggas stole my bike once
  24. You were talking on the phone while filling your car? You deserve it, you could have killed innocent bystanders, including the kid that took your wallet

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