Have you ever been robbed?

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  1. one time some dudes did a home invasion on my house while i was out. my mom was home with her friend over and like four guys came in and bashed up stuff and were looking for drugs and jewelry, none of which were in the house.

    it was pretty ill shit, my mom was pretty freaked out for a long time about it.
  2. didn't explode them off your back?
  3. and now you own guns
  4. howyougotitback
  5. unrelated, but yes. i thought about what i would do if someone did the same thing again. i think id just be loud and menacing with it like cops to in that shock and awe way. i dont see myself actually using it.

    though it might be fun to give someone a whack on the temple if it was warranted.
  6. wat
  7. Robbed at gun point twice in my life.

    One of the times, a co-worker ran out the door behind them, got his Ruger 45 out of his car and unloaded the clip into the guy's car.
  8. Well, not me, but at an electronic store, called the Sony store back then, that I used to work for. Just before closing time, 2 guys walked in the store. As soon as I go see one of them, he pulled out a saw off shot gun at my face and said: "Lock up the store now! Shut up and nobody will get hurt!" Sure! Whatever you say!!!

    Lock the store up and told us, I was with 2 others sales clerk and I was the store manager, to go in the back store. We obeyed and in a corner in the back, they tied up our hands with tie-wraps, pushed us to sit on the floor and threw and big blanket over us. We couldn't see what the heck was going on. One of the sales clerk was freaking out.

    That's when we heard a truck backing up near the rear door and heard more people picking up all the electronic components, new in the box and loaded it all in the truck. They stolen for near 1/2 a millions dollars in inventory. We heard the truck leaving.

    Before they left, one guy said: "Hey! there's a safe here!" Shit! That's where I put the extra money from the cash register, I never leave load of cash in the front. I always put what was over in the safe.

    The same guy that pulled the gun at me lifted the blanket and said: "You! open that safe, NOW!" Yeah sure but there's a problem, my hands are tied up. He cut the tie-wraps and said: "Now open the safe and don't do any thing foolish or else!" Sure.

    As I was doing the combination for the lock on the safe, I could feel on the back of my head the tip of the gun. I swear to God, I was sweating like a pig! It took me two tries to do the combination. I could here him getting nervous. Opened the safe and gave him the money and that's when he pushed me on the floor, hard, and said: "Stay there or I'll shoot!"

    He ran out, jumped in a car and left. That's when I picked up the phone and dialed 911. The whole ordeal lasted a good 30 minutes. Untied the sale clerks. Both were in a state of shock and I was shaking like a leaf.

    The worst part is that after a week that happened, the cops found the truck abandoned north of Montréal, in a parking lot of a shopping center with all the stolen merchandise in it.

    I had to go to a psychiatrist because I couldn't sleep, was really nervous at the store, was afraid to greet customers, I was a wreck. Luckily, this was all paid by Sony of Canada. After two weeks of sessions, I was feeling much better.

    Guys, you don't want to live this, it's a bad experience.
  9. Where did this happen?

  10. about a 5 min walk from my house in Sneinton.
  11. once. guy was an idiot though so it wasn't a problem.

    glad you're ok man.
  12. Glad you are ok, let them have the phone.

    And yeah that's such a shit hole. Have you considered moving yet
  13. moving has been on the cards for a few months, but I haven't really been in the position to.

    This has spurred me on, though. I need to get out of this dump.
  14. even my hood would be an improvement

    and as a bonus, your grocery shopping would be 3x cheaper
  15. what was his race so we can confirm our prejudices
  16. did he wot m8
  17. Black
  18. Had some shit stolen once or twice, but I've never been robbed. I'm thankful for that.
  19. Had my car window smashed and stereo stolen once. And as BR mentioned, four teenagers surrounded me in an alleyway and asked me to empty my pockets, but I got away thanks to some boss #%[email protected] attitude. Might have been different if I'd seen a weapon, though.
  20. whoa, are you serious man? This sounds like a movie, jesus christ, i can't believe this actually happened to someone. wow

    the worst I had was having two bikes stolen. (separate incidences)
  21. Not mugged. My work trailer got broken into last year around New Year's.
  22. damn that would be a messed up experience. having to undo the safe with a gun to your head - far out.
  23. A taxi driver once told me about this man who got onto his cab in the middle of some night. He looked in the rearview mirror and saw that the guy was bleeding. He was in a rush. Long story short, he had just robbed some place, got shot and took off. Went to jail for a very silly amount of cash (like 200 ILS, or $60).
  24. I shit you not. Was an awful experience to live.

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