Have you ever moved city/country

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  1. as an adult?

    I've lived in Canberra since I was 7 years old. I'm 31 in November. I'd love to move to another city, or country even. Just for a change of scenery and weather. I feel like I know the city back to front.
    Probably a bit hard with a family though. The work here is so stable.

    Just wondering what other peoples experiences have been making a big move? Why? Difficulty? Did you end up moving back, or was it the best choice ever?
  2. Moving cities has a different meaning where I'm from, because everything's close by. On a global scale, Tel Aviv and where I grew up are the same place, while here they're considered totally different.

    My brother moved (relocated) from Israel to Seattle with his entire family (wife, 2 kids and another one who was born there). The move was difficult and it took them about a year to really settle and fit in, with the kids having to learn a new language and all. My sister in law still hasn't settled and wants back. They want to move back eventually, but are right now staying a little longer for the kids to gain citizenship.
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  3. Move to North Carolina for work at 23 for 8 months then I came back
    Everybody was making fun of me because of my Saturn SC1 coupe with manually activated windows.

    NC ppl are great and the experience was life changing. I just wished I worked and studied less and enjoyed life and get to know locals better
  4. I moved to another city when i was 18 to go study. About 200km from my hometown. Best decision i ever made. First year i had a hard time adjusting(didn't know anyone here) but i have been living here for 11 years now and i never want to leave.
  5. Only cities. Lived in Austin, TX for a couple of years then moved back to Houston. I love Austin I make it a point to go a few times a year.
  6. Also after visiting Calgary, I could definitely move there (until it snows)
  7. Moved from this small town https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hoorn to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Groningen

    So much better in every way
  8. Moved clear across the US about 4 years ago, about 3,000 miles. Moving is expensive as shit and a huge pain in the ass. Love where I am now, though. Have a job and a place to stay lined up before you leave. Visiting family isn't too hard; I'm pretty used to flying.
  9. Staying in Canberra for one's entire lifetime sounds pretty grim.
  10. im moving to finland to be closer to tuuka and our child
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  11. It does.
    Although, like I said, work here is endless. Its allowed me to purchase a number of properties by the age of 30, and go overseas for weeks or months every year, with my family. And I just have a basic trade as a wall and floor tiler.
    Average salary here is US$71,000. Or Average household income of US$93,000.

    Most other things about this place are incredibly boring though. Its small. The main attractions here are the War Memorial and the Parliament House. And the weather is horrible. Extremely hot in Summer (usually get a few weeks over 40C), and the coldest city in Australia in winter.
    Pros (?) - Most fun things are only a few hours away (The beach, Sydney, Snow fields)
    It'd be much more bearable if we had high-speed rail coming through here.
  12. Cons - habos and lebs.
  13. There's a city called Haifa, about an hour and a half north of here, where I could probably afford a fairly nice apartment if I wanted to. Got family there and everything. But the funny thing is that in a small country like ours, an hour and a half (probably more if you drive during rush hour) is considered worlds apart. Some people do that commute, usually because circumstances oblige, or because they were born there and haven't moved.
  14. My family is 5h from here at 120 km/h.
    Step family at 6h30 ..
  15. 30 mins is the max i'm willing to commute for work.
  16. I have dual mics in my car so I can work as easily as pretty much anywhere, so my 30-69min commute is livable
  17. You work at customer support?
  18. Sales
  19. What happened to your computer games carreer?
  20. That doesnt pay shit
  21. Lived all my life on the South Shore of Montréal except for 3 years from 1980 to 1983 that I lived in Halifax, Nova Scotia while I was in the Canadian Navy.
  22. In the NAAAAAvy :]
  23. Lived all my life in one city, just moving neighbourhoods.

    When I was 30, I moved to a different country all by myself. Then I met a girl in that new country, got married, and I've been here for the past 3 years. Boom, I win.
  24. I've been living in the same city all my life. I do kinda want to move somewhere with cooler weather. Or at least someplace where summer weather doesn't last half the year.
  25. I moved to Pittsburgh from Tucson. Im curious no more to say the least.

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