Have you ever moved city/country

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  1. Thats basically the Australian east coast between Sydney and the Gold Coast.
    Although summers can get quite hot, not all the time though. Its the middle of winter here, and Sydney is 21C today, and Gold Coast is 23C. And lows of 11C over night.

    Canberra, where I am will peak at 10C today, and -5C overnight :( Only 300kms away from Sydney too :( :(
  2. That area is more like where I come from.
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  3. Move to England. You get all the benefits of a slightly colder winter (but no snow), without the troublesome warm summers!
  4. Boo-hoo

    That was June in Finland. Some lakes in Lapland were still frozen in midsummer.

    I'd be overcome with joy if I ever saw +10°C daytime temperatures during winter. My dad still talks about one February in the 80's when the daytime temperature reached +10°C and he biked to work in a T-shirt because it was so warm.

    So don't move here I guess.
  5. wow one year you got to wear a tshirt

    move. humans werent meant to live where you live.
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  6. I'm working on it!
  7. Sounds like hell. Plus, I would be constantly sick.
  8. I would actually love to move to UK/Ireland for a year or so (or just 6 months over summer). That was the plan before kids came along.
    Weather is probably sucky, but coming from Australia, I would enjoy the history and seeing buildings older than 100 years old. And green grass.
  9. Weather here sucks as well btw.

    It can get -15c in winter and +37c during summer
  10. Lol yeah green grass is nice.

    My house is over 100 years old!
  11. here we finally have some sun
    I'm so white that even with 60 fps I get sunburn
  12. Or Nz, just with absurd house prices and skin cancer.
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  13. I moved about 1700 mile from Texas to Massachusetts. I've since moved back to Texas but not where I'm from because Dallas sucks. I'm glad I did it I would have stayed in Boston if it wasn't so fucking expensive and cold.
  14. Dallas is the worst. So sad.
  15. As is your plumbing
  16. Very unlikely.
  17. Do you have two separate taps for hot and cold water?
  18. Yes, but that doesn't mean the plumbing is 100 years old. newly built houses are built that way, but these days they just stick a mixer tap on the sink.

    Based on how old the combi boiler, the copper pipes to the radiators, and the radiators themselves look I'd say It's all probably 30 years old.

    The potable mains water into the kitchen is a modern pipe, too. it's definitely been replaced. the liikelihood of the landlord being accepted for a buy-to-let mortgage with 100 year old lead pipes is slim to nil. The house would not have been deemed "habitable" enough by the building surveyor for the bank to want to lend against it
  19. I know lol, I was just trying to be offensive! My place is from 1940 and the plumbing has been fixed twice.
  20. 35554877454_9751ceba2b_k.jpg 36345561736_e13b26ce23_k.jpg My plumbing is 100 years old though.

    I was digging up the sewer pipe today. Tree on the side of the road thought it was a good idea to invade the space of poop and pee. Ugh.
  21. Living in the same old town since I am 5, it will be soon 34 years that I live in. Never had thoughts of moving because Paris is polluted,over expensive plus filled with load of scum.I am 5 min far from the Seine river and 30min from the forest of St Germain en Laye. Also taxes where I live are reasonable comparaed to other places where it is the double or the triple.
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    Hemi has a life and isn't a nerd. I would have shoved them up your throat then perhaps, you would have turned your tongue 7 times before saying useless and nonsensical crap like this.
  23. Isn't this the job of filthy labourers? Also who's the ket?
  24. [​IMG]
  25. They will replace it, i did the digging myself, because saves money. Dutch cheapness stereotype confirmed.

    Also, my ket. It's the best ket.

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