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  1. Have you ever gone out to some place where you were hit on relentlessly by a chick, one who was obviously down for a shag but who absolutely annoyed the shit out of you nearly to the point of madness, who you thought if you boned her you'd never be able to shake her, so after about 20 minutes of wanting to punch her in the face, you told her you were gay so she'd leave you alone?

    My friends say I'm dumb for not hitting it and telling her to piss off. She's not bad looking, but I know her through a friend of a friend of a friend, and she could very easily get my number or find my house or something like that, and she just seems like the type of girl that if she started to get all clingy and I told her to #$%# off, she'd say false shit about me or try to make things hard for me in any way she possibly could (maybe say I raped her or something like that). So I said I was gay, and instantly she started chatting up some other guy and my night became a lot better.

    Should I have boned her silly and taken the chance? I could probably still swing it on Saturday night...
  2. Instead of telling her you were gay, you should have told her you didn't want to catch a VD. I've said that before.
  3. Nah man ive got a friend that used to do that and now half the chicks out there think hes gay and try and hook him up with guys. The other half figured out what he was doin and think hes an asshole now.

    I normally just say something like "i just got out of a serious relationship". Something like that there arent many questions asked and often a while later the option for this desprate chick is still there.
  4. haha pure class mate.
  5. I suppose the VD line could have worked... I don't want her to think that I think she's a dirty whore or anything, but I definitely don't want her to think that I'm actually interested in her. If we hook up, I'm not down for anything long term, so I don't care if she thinks I only want sex.

    That's probably all she was after anyway, but I'm always a little more cautious when it comes to casual sex; make sure people know what it really is, etc... She's a woman, so she's inherently irrational.
  6. "casual" sex with a chick is often dangerous because more often than not it turns into something more than "casual" to her.
  7. I wouldn't have told her I was gay to get her to leave me alone, but I wouldn't have had sex with her either. 99% of the time I tell them the truth. "You're incredibly annoying, and I'd prefer it if you hit on someone else tonight," or similar.

    If they decide to ask why I think they are annoying, I'll tell them that too. (The annoying ones never ask.)

    Depending on the way you say it, you can avoid coming off as an asshole, but I usualy don't care either way.

    And as for having sex with her, if the option is open again, don't do it.
  8. You're a guy, you should have hit it.
  9. Why not bone her and THEN tell her she's annoying?

    pretty simple if you ask me - it's not like you're trying to get anything more than a root out of it so why got get just that and then run?
  10. I told that to a broad on a dance floor after she asked me to come back to her place. She tried to slap me, I ducked and ran "Boys, it's time to go... NOW!"
  11. The only chicks that hit on me relentlessly are the ones I'm not attracted to. Any chick I want to get her number, I gotta go start it.
  12. You're not good looking enough, eh?
  13. I dunno, you tell me.
  14. omg, I love myself!

    Anyway, hot chicks in Toronto know they're hot, and they're a little stuck up about it. not like the hot girls in Europe, who are more like normal people.
  15. truth
  16. The reationship line works well, never ever pull the gay line, like someone else said, girls talk, soon they will all know. But if she was all over you one night she probly isn't looking for anything past an extra shag in the morning
  17. hahaha, once this girl was all mad at me, that I never called her up and such, and she was like "IT'S OVER, ROBERT! <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/PitLane?displayFAQ=y"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/angry.gif"></A>".

    I never knew we actually dated.
  18. He's right, you aren't good looking.
  19. Good. you're a dood.
  20. Hit it and leave it. You probably jacked off that night when you coulda had some.
  21. I'm a pretty frank guy. I wouldn't have pulled they gay line.
  22. I definitely could have had some. I just didn't want to sleep with her and have her showing up at my house sometime later, wondering why I'm not calling her. She's a bit of a wierdo, but a semi-hot one. It's a dilemma. I don't think that I have to worry about it getting around that I'm gay. She's friends with a few people that I'm also friends with, and I have enough hetero street cred that should cancel her out.

    I think that when I go hang out with her friend this Sat, who she will also be hanging out with, I will say something like "sorry I lied to you before", she'll get the picture. She'll probably just be happy that she can sleep with me.
  23. "i have hetero street cred"

    lol! You sound pretty gay.
  24. Gays aren't allowed to drive LS1s.

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