Have you guys ever had a friend...

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by hamtamtamble, Dec 26, 2008.

  1. prolly bui
  2. The mod knows how to solve this problem.
  3. noope, not AA, but I'm pretty sure AA doesn't like the person that I'm talking about too. Although AA doesn't hang out with this particular group of friends too often.
  4. yeah there's a guy like that in our circle of friends.

    he's a huge twat, and really really ugly.
  5. one good friend left the friend group for no reason. never heard of him again, didnt respond his messages/phone. weird.
  6. girl??
  7. no?
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  9. usually that kind of people realize that no one likes them, maybe after a while, but then they go away by theyr self most of the times
  10. have had them yes
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    already posted it
  13. Absolutely.

    But he's too ingrained, we can't get rid of him.
  14. Yes, his names chris and hes the best at everything apparently
  15. of course, his name was ryan 'dudebro' andrigetto
  16. wow **** you.

    this shit made it all the way to 4 pages before i saw it. How unsatisfying is that for you. Or is that what you wanted.. had a chance to get out all your shit before i could come by. Bag o milk eh, hya **** you if you actually thought i didnt notice you faGgots calling me that shit. you think im stupid or some shit? **** off you guys are all losers anyways and always will be, you especially.
  17. and pretty fUcking funny that you pull this shit on scn rather thn say your shit to my face/. way too funny/ #$%# you im done with this
  18. maybe if you weren't such a fUcking fAggot douchebag to all of our friends you wouldn't have had to see this. you should have spent more time being a good friend instead of always thinking about yourself. You're the asshole here bud, not us.
  19. whatever like i said im done go chat it up with the #%$s on here
  20. I could sense a fake e-fight thing coming, I didn't know if it would be honk or AA though.

    Good try, but not as good as the gay one from before, that was really good.

  21. hahahaha.

    as for the topic, yah I guess so, he keeps saying stuff like "Oh, Im gunna do this, im gunna get a job, blah blah' but does #$%# all. then complains he has no money everytime we say come hang out. vidya games 24/7.

    I dunno, I think the guy has potential or something, but just the same horseshit time and time again.
  22. wow, you're friends with 944turb0?
  23. **** you this is fUcking real 2 me
  24. oh yeah you're definitely that friend
  25. My group has one of those too, everyone is sort of sick of his shit but we've all been friends for so long it would just be weird.

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