have you seen what they´ve done to the MC12?

Discussion in '2008 Edo Competition Enzo' started by ajzahn, May 28, 2008.

  1. I like the looks of the Enzo better.
  2. I prefer the MC12 than the Enzo.
  3. Enzo is a better looking car, but for speed i'd have an MC12.

    But if we are talking about a Edo Enzo, then I would have that no questions asked.
  4. Yah but EDO has some kick ass mods for next year going to the Enzo. It will have 850hp. There's a few place out there with the info already but no final say yet. If they can do it with the MC12 the Enzo with 850 will be a killer.
  5. I'll take the Edo too.
  6. MC12XX>>MC12R>>Edo Enzo in all aspects (looks IMO) Perfonace=facts

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