HD kills off Buell

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  2. Yeah, I wouldn't buy one, but liked their idea of being different. I hear their selling them cheap now.
  3. Wow, right after they put all that development into the new flagship model. Also, selling MV too? I wonder where they're gonna end up now.
  4. That sucks for them, but Erik Buell made a real dick move when he crushed that Blast.
  5. Ouch. But to be fair Buell had been given a lot of chances but only their 1125 was a decent bike but it too had its share of problems.

    Sad but thats what happens when you cant stay with the competition.
  6. Very saddening, but I'm not surprised. I'd love to pick up an XB12S for stupid cheap though.
  7. No one else cares that the future of MV Augusta is up in the air too?
  8. Someone else will pic them up.

    Personally I think HD should shrink some of its lineup in favor for at least two Buell models.
  9. Eh, they'll be fine. I'm just glad HD won't own them anymore; I was scared for a while that it would be ruined.
  10. The updated Brutale looks like it came out just fine, I doubt they did anything more than provide additional funding. MVs have so little in common with Harleys technically that I doubt there would be much cross pollination. Hopefully some Italian company will buy them.
  11. This sucks, I'm not really a motorcycle fan but I absolutely love Buell's
  12. I'm #$%#ing irate. Harley Davidson, you're nothing to me now... I'm off to buy a Victory... Not really, but I want a Buell 1125, BAD.
  13. Probably for the best. Erik can go back to building race bikes, and HD can focus on keeping their cruisers updated.
  14. about your sig, the corvette owns those v6 cars, a corvette of similar year has atleast a 50hp advantage
  15. The Decemeber 2009 issue of Motorcycle said something similar. The Blast owners are the people who stuck with Buell through all of the issues and recalls. To shut them off line that is kind of shitty.

  16. its like a time machine SC.net to 5 years ago. Refreshing.
  17. lol none of those cars has a v6 1rotary and a couple straight 6's.

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  20. Buell should die and stay in the history books. Boring, underpowered, ancient technology and overpriced. No wonder they failed.
  21. you're shit
  22. This is sad. I really wanted to get a Buell in the future. <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/PitLane?displayFAQ=y"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>
  23. Now they're pretty cheap in dealers.
  24. send me one to panama

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