Heading to Vancouver

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by SpunBearings, Mar 27, 2008.

  1. What should I do/see while I'm there?

    I'll be working at the auto show, so I'll have a decent amount of time off.
  2. Headin' down to 'couver,
    gonna have myself a time.
    Friendly faces every-where,
    Humble folks without temptation.
  3. Granville Island Brewery.
  4. east hastings
  5. Oh shit, I forgot about the Van auto show, I was going to go again this year.

    Umm, well there's science world just beside GM place, and yeah like Panzer said, Granville island breweries, granville island itself. The skytrain is fun to ride around on, though they haven't opened the line to the airport yet. Gastown (maybe), etc.
  6. haha, how is the skytrain fun? it's like any other urban train
  7. get some BC Bud
  9. Are you working at Ottawa auto show?
  10. lol.
  11. Yah but, we dont have one ;_; on the island, I guess if you're from a smaller town like myself it might be neat.
  12. Get none.

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