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  1. i dont get the headlights. it looks like they are hidden like on the ferrari 355 but when they are on they dont look like theyre open like they do on other cars. someone explain
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    someone understand?
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    I think the 'plates' that are on the headlights when they are turned on just glide into the space behind it. the light panels just move backward 'till they are under the engine hood. That is when u can see the lights.

    U understand?
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    No they actualy just rotate,like when the lights are turned off,the bulbs are underneath the plate and when you turn them back on they rotate and the bulbs are on top,that's how it is i've seen it done just kinda hard to explain.
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    I love the headlights.
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    NO..!! If the plates with lights would rotate, the lights would be above the engine hood. They arent. The plates just move backwards. In the picture SuperSonic sent along, u can see that the lights are UNDERNEATH the engine hood. So the plates cant be rotated!

    And rotating the plates would be a BIG loss of space
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    I guess,lol
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    No he was right the plates rotate sidways toward the respective side of the car. Trust me. I don't know where you can find a video of the headlights opening, but I sure there is one is out there on the net. I watched a topgear episode about the the production of the XJ220 a few years back and they went in to all the details about the car. The headlights are very cool, and the cover does rotate about 90 degrees. To the left or right respectively.
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    You people are retarded. Download the music video of jadakiss's song knock yourself out. They show the xj's headlights opening. the guards on the front sink down into the car. It isn't like a corvette where the flip around. Nor do the guards sink up above the headlights. Pretty much the whole top you see when they are closed, it sinks down.

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