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  1. Hey guys I'm not looking for a camera/videogame thread, but I figured at least a few people here probably consider themselves experts on headphones.

    I work at a Futureshop so it's pretty easy to get interested in electronics and gadgets that I don't really need and this time it's headphones. I've never had a serious pair before so the other day when I tried on the a set of Monster Beats Studios I was pretty impressed.

    I did a little research and found out that while they are decent headphones, and have some nice heavy bass, they lack in most other areas, at least compared to other $350 headphones. The problem is that the reviews, serious ones, not FS website opinions, are still conflicting. Some suggest the Bose QC15 are just a better buy, others dismiss both as overpriced garbage. Some line these up point by point with something like a Shure and have they lose out by a little others dismiss them entirely and say any $150 dollar Sony would be better. I'm not an audiophile obviously, but I can't even test anything else in that range out because they don't have demos in the store. Considering that I can get a roughly 40% discount on most monster beats, bose, shure and sennheiser models in that range does anyone have any suggestions?

    I'm not immune to the style elements, I do plan to wear them outside quite a bit as well as use them as a home set, so considering everything I've said does anyone have any suggestions? I'm asking because often reviews talk about better headphones for far less, but sometimes don't even give a brand and very rarely give a model that would be a good replacement from something like the studios or qc15s. So if they mention sennheiser, I don't know if I should be looking at $350 sennheisers $250 or $150.

    Thanks for any help, it doesn't have to be directly answering my question, just general headphone opinions and knowledge is helpful too.
  2. Beats by Dre lol
  3. save your ears, buy speakers
  4. This; never understood the appeal of small horrible tweeters #$%#ing up your ear bones.
  5. What about when you're on a bike, running, ect, ect. Should I carry around a boombox or something?
  6. It's illegal on a bike! and running, I prefer listening to birds and breath exhaust fumes
  7. You're gonna run/bike with full over the ear closed air headphones?
  8. I'm talking ear buds
  9. Thread is about full headphones.
  10. I'm talking about ear buds
  11. hes talking about air bud
  12. Smoke some bud
  13. Put your smoke in the air bud
  14. never use music when im running and music on a bike is dangerous.
  15. if you want nice headphones future shop is a pretty shitty option. they don't really have much selection. for less than the price of studio beats i got a pair of sennheiser HD650s that are pretty much everything i could ask for.

    you're better off buying online. you can usually get any pair you want heavily discounted from suggested retail prices anyways. AKG, denon, grado, sennheiser are all brands to look into. head-fi.org is full of headphone dorks if you wanna do some research
  16. I have an older audio system at home, but sadly I live in an apartment where I can barely use the satellites at decent volume and can never use the sub. I also work odd hours often which means I'm doing even normal volume activities like tv and computer use at very early or late hours. I also walk about 45 minutes to work and back again and if I go somewhere it usually involves at least a 30min - 1 hour public transit ride.

    I honestly had never really tried a decent set of headphones before so I was quite pleased with what I heard from the Monster Beats, to the point where I know I need something better. That said I do go to the gym and run quite a bit so in-ear are not necessarily out of the picture. I was just surprised by how much of a difference a decent over the ear headphone set made to my current $20 earbuds and $80 pc headset.
  17. ipod headbuds
  18. Yeah, I know, it's just hard to throw away paying $200 for $350. That said we do carry Sennheiser. I was actually looking into the 595s which we might carry.

    I guess the issue is that A: I may not notice the differences that most people who suggest AKG and Grado seem to put a premium on, and B: I'm not really looking for $350 headphones, but $200ish. Meaning that a lot of headphones that easily outperform the Beats or Bose pairs are still in the same price range.

    I guess I'm a little concerned I'm going to end up with a pair of headphones that give a level of audio performance that I can't appreciate, but look terrible, require a serious source(Not an ipod maybe even an actual amp) to get that quality and skimp on some basic features like portability, structural integrity and noice cancelation/isolation in the name of giving superior audio quality at that price.

    I will check out that link though, I definitely want to do research, and look online for prices. Thanks.

    Edit: oops, turns out I was already looking at head-fi.org when I was looking up the Senn 595 earlier
  19. someone link him to to WCWs thread we just had.
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  22. Thanks, that thread was useful, but that head-fi site actually has everything I'm looking for really. Lists of of dozens of headphones with comparative ratings. The nice thing is that despite being an elitist site the ratings don't unfairly squash sets like the Beats. Of course that really only makes the choice more difficult because their main concern is over pricing, which my discount deals with nicely.

    Still no decision, but thanks for all the info guys.
  23. Sennheiser HD-800 or something.
  24. dV-DOSC line array

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