Hear we go!!

Discussion in '2000 Dodge Power Wagon Concept' started by CadillacMan03, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. That is a nice truck, I say get rid of Ram or dakota and produce this, but they never produce the better looking Truck always every year Ram gets uglier!

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    Are you joking? I would take a Ram over this peice any day. Its pretty ugly and its underpowered.<!-- Signature -->
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    NO they should put this engine in the new ram. The ram looks sick and it would be even sicker with 780 lb feet of torque, how can you say its under powered.<!-- Signature -->
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    how do you mean sick, good or bad, like it's ugly or it's great!!
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    Opinions Differ
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    yea i thin they should produce this bad ass toy, i mean move over ford tonka and chevy kodiak series, i juz say put tha ram grille, u kno fat vertical cross hair and thin horizontal cross hair, and take away tha side extentions on it and we got ourselfs a winner
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    It's Just the new Durango except with a truck bed. I think both of them look ugly
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    now thats a nice truck.

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