Heffner Performance Twin Turbo Ferrari 458 Italia

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    Twin turbo experts in everything from Dodge Vipers to Lamborghini Gallardos, Heffner Performance has introduced a “bolt-on” twin-turbo system for the Ferrari 458, boasting that it’ll increase the factory horsepower rating by 257 ponies, bringing it up to an astonishing 820-hp. Perhaps more shocking is that Heffner claims the setup can do all this on just 5-psi of boost… and on pump gas.

    Heffner describes the twin-turbocharged 458 Italia as taking the soul of the legendary F40 and combining it with the technology of a modern F-1 car. And true to all Heffner Performance products, the twin-turbo upgrade looks cleanly integrated in the factory engine bay, as if it belonged there when the car rolled off the lot. Don’t we wish.


    More pics here: http://heffnersperformance.com/heffner_ferrari_twin_turbo_458.htm
  2. i liike the black top i wanna see it over silver
    but i dont want the turbos
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    Are The Guys at Heffer prefromance any way related to the guys at underground racing?

    Have a look at the video on the homepage of www.arabiandrift.com

    and you will understand
  4. a 850hp car can probably do with a spoiler, regardless of how it looks, just to make it a little safer/faster.
  5. Heffner>>>>>>>>Hennessey
  6. I wanna see how it would look with smoked out tail lights.
  7. Probably awesome, like the Edo F430s
  8. yeah i like cars with black rooves too

    honda nsx and audi tts with black roofs look hot
  9. no
  10. protip:
    a spoiler that does anything slows you down too much
  11. The 458 makes 600 or so lbs of downforce at 186, plenty of cars with more hp have had less, spoiler or no.
  12. And they all suck
  13. If it goes 200+ does it matter?
  14. a spoiler pulls #%!@es
  15. how do upgrades like this work with these modern bricks on wheels? does the ecu need to be completely redone or
  16. You're probably right.
  17. Yes

    (Something like the SR-71 styled spoiler on the Lotus Evora GTE)
  18. either completely replaced or completely reprogramed.
  19. More often than not, replaced.

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    Full aftermarket for the super high HP stuff...Motec M800... $5k-$10k+ depending on options last I read.

    Standard features

    controls shit like

    Continuously variable camshaft control (up to 2 inlet and 2 exhaust cams)
    Drive by wire throttle control
    Traction control
    Overrun boost enhancement (anti-lag)
    Gear change ignition cut (flat shifts)
    Boost control
    Nitrous injection
    Dual stage injection (Hi/Lo injection)

    they can program in shit like boost-by-gear and traction control tuning to make a 1000+ hp car with street-legal tires actually hook up decently and be safer to drive.
  21. where was i when this came out?? pretty sweet in that pic
  22. You're making me hungry.
  23. Is anyone else getting tired of seeing Heffner twin turbocharging everything?

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