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  1. And Information technology 2001
    Unit two SAC two
    1. Describe the function of the component in an information system.
    The function of the component information system is to provide security for the internet. It uses fingerprints to provide security to access the internet. The component may also be used to save passwords and login names for the internet, which makes their access to internet sites much easier for the user because he or she do not need to remember the passwords or any login names. This component is very good because it provides total security for a very low price. The component may also be used to access a computer, thus it’s very versatile for many uses. The component may also be used to access saved data. This may be useful for larger companies and organizations, because no competitor can hack into your computer and files.
    2. The waters the purpose of the biometric device?
    The as I just explained before in the passage above the purpose of the biometric device is To provide safe log on to the internet and internet sites using the indication of the fingerprint.
    3. Where does the biometric device fit into the information system?
    The devices used to process the input which In other words means that it processes the input of the fingerprints and provides access the users which are allowed to use the computer and view the saved files. I will show you in the following picture where the biometric device fits.
    Input Process output
    Data internal feedback
    External feedback
    As you can see in the picture the device is used to process the input, by that I mean that the user scans his fingerprints with the hardware and the software that is used with the hardware will then look up the user in its database and log on the user if he is allowed to log on the computer of the internet.
    4. Describe the Technical capabilities of the component
    The Technical capabilities or product Specifications are shown below.
    The technical capabilities of this product are very impressive for its small price of $129.52 American dollars, and you also get many different software to accompany the device such as, Fingerprint enrolment& system setup, Secure Logon, Secure Screen Saver, Secure session, and the Secure site tutorial. The products hardware specifications also are very impressive and I will state the all later on.

    5. Detail the technological capabilities of the biometric device; such as memory size, storage capabilities, operating speed, data transmission rates, networking capabilities, visual resolution, etc.
    Touch Surface- TactileSense™ – Ruggedized patented polymer – 0.075mm thickness
    Size- 2.3W x 2.1H x 4.6D inches (57.7 x 54.1 x 116.5 mm)
    Fingerprint Imaging Area- 0.76" x 0.56" (active)
    Imaging Resolution - 403 dpi
    Image capture time-
    Interface to Host - Standard USB interface
    USB Cable Length - 6 feet (1.83 meters)
    USB Cable Direction - Either direction based on user preference and finger placement
    LED Functions- ON - USB 2500 is powered on and operating correctly
    OFF - USB 2500 is powered off or not operating correctly
    BLINKING - USB 2500 is operating in fingerprint detect (image capture) mode
    Operating conditions - 0° C to 50° C, maximum 95% RH at 40° C (non condensing)
    Storage conditions - -20° to 65°C, maximum 95% RH at 40° C (non condensing)
    Mechanical and Environmental Tests - Meets USB 1.1 specifications
    Touch Surface Life - 1 million+ touches
    Certifications and approvals - FCC Part 15, Class B; Canadian ICES-003 Class B DOC; European CE Mark; TUV; CISPR; VCCI; UL
    ESD - Conforms to IEC 801-2 and CE LEVEL 3 (8kV)
    Software – Driver / Operating System / Application Software
    Compatibility Operating Systems- Windows™ 98/98SE/Me/NT 4.0 (SP4 and greater)/2000 Client Operating Systems.
    NT Server (sold separately)
    Compatibility PCS- Most major PC manufacturers with at least one (1) available USB port, including: Acer, Compaq, Dell, Fujitsu, Gateway, HP, IBM, Micron, NEC, Sharp, Sony, TI and Toshiba.
    Power management - Supports ACPI and APM power management specifications
    Fingerprint Matching Algorithm - Ethentica Proprietary
    Biometric Standards Compatibility- BAPI compliant - Microsoft core biometrics standard
    Fingerprint Template Compatibility - BAPI compliant
    Fingerprint Matching Speed -
    Fingerprint Angular Variability- +/- 45 degrees
    Fingerprint Template Data Size -
    As you can see above, the device is very versatile in its appeal and also in its specifications. The device can save as many pictures and profiles as the computer hard disk capacity allows it to store. Because the device only stores specific points of the finger picture and not the whole thing the pictures only take up a minimum of the storage space of the computer, which is about 300 bytes. The speed of the device also is very impressive, because it only takes .9 of a second to scan and identify your profile with a Pentium 133 processor.
    6. Explain the effect of the component on the phases of the information process cycle.
    The information process cycle includes the following steps. Acquisition, Input, Validation, Manipulation, Storage, Retrieval, Output, Communication, Disposal. With this device these steps would include the following:
    A) Acquisition: Turn on the computer and get the data.
    B) Input: Submit fingerprint.
    C) Validation: Computer checks data
    D) Manipulation: Processes the user data.
    E) Storage: Stores user data and loges user on.
    F) Retrieval: Get all user information back. Any saved files and so on.
    G) Output: Lets the user into the computer system, or onto the internet site.
    H) Communication: system shows the user that he logged on, on the screen.
    I) Disposal: Deletes or disposes any unwanted file out of the system.
    7. Identify the ethical considerations. List and explain any ethical considerations (security and privacy, health, accuracy, distribution, disclosure, theft, etc) associated with using the biometric device.
    Security and privacy, when logged on the computer using the biometric device are very good, because even when you leave for a couple of minutes and the computer is unattended you can still turn on the screen saver and no one can use the computer until you disable the screensaver using your fingerprint. Health issues are also not very big with the device because various tests have been made and the device is very save to the users of the product. The accuracy of the product is also very impressive as long as you have a clean finger. The accuracy of the product can vary when you have small particles on your finger and also when you have toxic substances on your finger as well as having cuts on the surface of your finger. Distribution of the product will be greater in the coming years once the technology will be greater known and used. Theft is always a big concern in any new product, but when stolen no one can log on to the computer as long as the thieves don’t have your fingerprints.
    8. If this item was to be introduced to a system, explain how you might be able to judge the changes it has made.
    I might be able to judge this technology by the number of thefts, and if they have decreased when the device was present. Also I might be able to judge it by getting statistics of the number of devices it has sold, and also the number of data thefts that have been reduced with the presence of the device.
    9. Would you ever use this type of biometric device in a company? Why?
    I am sure that business people would use this kind of technology in their companies, because this is a very effective way to stop data theft and also just to disable the logging on from unauthorized personnel to any computer in the networking system.

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