hehehe!! not a viper boyz

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  1. iam mean the performance of a corvette is far slower than a vipers performance!! for a few extra $$ buy the viper!! look at this nice pic!! <IMG SRC="http://www.supercarforums.com/servlets/cMsg/html/emoticons/smile.gif">
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    Viper over Corvette? NEVER!! Vipers are still babies bro, corvettes are their great grand fathers! Vettes were around way before vipers and they are the ultimate sports cars. Dont get me wrong, i like vipers, id rather but the extra money on moding my vette then buying a viper.
    (my 2 cents)
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    corvette has been around since 55, cheverolet knows what their doing, this is one of their best, such a shame they didn't make more of them. Vipers are way to overrated, spend 70+k on a viper or spend about 50k and then ad mods, hmmmmm what a tough choice
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    thins car is VERY sweet! i was riding with my friend in his Camaro SS at approx. 200Kph and it just flew by us! we tried catching it but never saw its plate again! this is a very nice car and its FAST!<!-- Signature -->
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    It's simply a beast...

    keep the faith
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    I just want to say shut up with those them vipers they are nothing just childsplay :D
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    a friend of mine's brother took me for a ride in his.....all I can say is..........DAMN
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    All Vipers are is a big engine in a chunk of (ugly) metal with 4 huge pieces of Rubber under it.
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    No one can say the Vipers aren't nice. But you can easily argue that Corvettes are better built and priced affordable. You can't go wrong with 50 years of experience. (NOTE: 1st Corvette 53)
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    in my opin i say the vette is nice and more affordible the viper don't do much with the 2 extra cyls and more hp the vipers seats are horrible and interior is ugly to look at the vette is a much better car the only thing a viper has on a Corvette is a V10 and it still don't make that much of a diff<!-- Signature -->
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    One thing about a Viper is you get noticed. I like Vettes better because I'm a Vette person but wouldn't hesitate for a sec. on buying a Viper if I had the money. Course, if I had the money I'd buy a GT40 kit car and put a turbocharged LS1 or 6 in it. Tranny would be the tricky part.
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    Its pretty obvious that with vette rounding out 50 years of design and track exp. theyre going to blow the vipers off, so why are we still all talking about it? Old news, by'z.

    "My other ride's your girlfriend"
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    the vette is more than an institution it is a part of the american automobile history<!-- Signature -->
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    Sorry to break it to you, but a Viper is more than few extra bucks, try about $30,000 extra bucks. The Z06, bone stock, keeps up to a Viper, with nearly 50hp less. Imagine what it could do with the money you saved invested back into it. How long do you think it will be before GM drops a version of the C5-R 427 into a production Vette? These 7.0L engines are more than capable of matching or exceeding the Viper's output. Perhaps the next-gen C6 Z06? Oh-oh, pass the Dodge boys a box of tissues...
    Never forget: The Corvette is a legend, an icon, the original American sports car. The Viper is nothing more than a plastic kit car with a truck engine.

    By the way, ever notice how most magazine tests you read about the Viper finish off by telling you what broke? Nothing but a big expensive toy.
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    Both Vipers and Corvettes are great cars. I would like to have both. The Corvette has been around alot longer, and has more history and personally if I had the choice between any Viper and any Vette, I would have to go with the Vette.
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    With the extra 30 grand in mods... which my car (387) has, I'd be more than happy to run any Viper I can get my hands on. The Lingenfelter package on my LT-4 really is great, then after it came back from Lingenfelter, it was sent to a procharger specialist for a charger and intercooler for a grand total of 550+ rwhp. The car is amazing! The extra inch and a half of rubber on the back of the GS is great too... if only those dern drag radials weren't so much! I was a little shocked when I realized just how fast this car is in comparison to some of the supercars that are out there. With what's done to this one it really is a competitive vehichle!
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    Actually i wouldnt be sarcastic... 20k doesn't buy that much and its not a big difference. I'd take a viper any day. Vipers arent as common as vettes and turn alot more heades than vettes. I see 8 vettes on route to wherever i am driving but i see a viper mabey once a week. In my eyes the only true corvette was the 67 stingray mabey the 65. Other than that....
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    I agree with everything you said... The interior is horrible on a viper... I don't think so not compared to a vette. If i went in side a vette then a suburban i wouldnt know the difference. Same radio. Same leather. Same switches, dials, ac. You dont see viper taking their ac system out of a Neon and putting it in a Viper. Neways this site is about supercars and their power not vanity. so ill just drop the subject. ;-)
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    Aren't older things/people slow!? Viper all the way
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    Amen to that, man. a Viper would waste this vette, or any other stock vette, for that matter, i dont know what the hell the rest of these people are snorting, but the viper has been faster ever since its debut in '92. And speakin of ugly, a vette looks like sh1t compared to a viper, i mean its like comparing Janet Reno (as the vette) to Angelina Jolie (as the viper). Honestly, just cuz the vette came out 39 years before the viper people seem to think that its better. The Pagani came out way after Lamborghini, yet its faster than nearly all Lambos. Common, give the viper the credit it deserves, its more expensive than the vette because its so much BETTER than a vette. Its a 90's version of the Shelby Cobras, and who would's want a 427 cobra in their garage? Viper today, Viper tomorrow, Viper forever. Hi Kobus.
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    300zxmaniak says "corvette has been around since 55"

    well you moron i just thought you should know.....corvettes have been around since 53.....i do agree w/ you tho...corvettes have been around much longer than vipers and i would much rather have a corvette w/ modifications than a stock viper....but at least know what you are talking about b4 you say it
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    i would take a '63 split window 427 vette over a viper...not ANY viper but a regular gts or rt/10
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    20k buys more than you think. I could nearly double the horsepower (and increase torque by 150%) on a C4 Corvette with half that money.

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