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    truly you are an idiot
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    If you are going to waste our time dissing this vehicle, at least do it in a way that is worth reading. Make it funny or cold, don't just say something stupid.

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    The car is funny though.
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    Yeah, I'm sure it's hilarious when you're watching it's tailights. Most owners of these modify them. Mine would walk all over anything that you have. Not even a Camaro SS can beat my XR


    Congratulations, you're an idiot. Don't forget that this car also costs over a million less than the Mclaren. And unless you've driven one, shut up.

    yeah plese shut up. Where are these things built anyway? it sounds like a german name but im not sure.

    Its a joke people, its a f**king inline 4 what do you expect, I'm outta this shitty forum....

    These cars were built in Koln, Germany. The inline-4 "only" made it outperform it's competition, mercedes and bmw. Not bad for a ford.

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    first of all, supercars is either terribly wrong on this car's stats or im looking at the wrong car. My friend has a sierra cosworth rs. it has a merkur nameplate and is the car in the picture, except his runs a 14sec 1/4 mi. and 0-60 in about 5.5 secs. his is slightly tuned but regardless this car has some serious potential

    I judge a car based on what's under the hood, not what badge it wears. <!-- Signature -->
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    You know this is a Mustang Engine anyways. 95% sure this is the 4 cylinder Ford Mustang engine anyways. Im not totally sure but its the Mustang SVO engine. <!-- Signature -->
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    Actually your are corect in your assumption it's the 2.3L turbo for and SHO mustang turbo, with a few German modifications<!-- Signature -->
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    It's an SVO mustang the worst mustang ever
  15. This car is awsome

    Probably one of the most unknown cars in the world this car is a very nice car with style, I have had the pleasure of actually riding in one, my friend used to own one and I tell you this car can beat even the coveted Mustang GT, I personally witnessed this<!-- Signature -->
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    Does anyone read about this car?<!-- Signature -->
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    hey buddy that must have been a bad mustang or a really bad driver cause my 94 5.0, would slaughter this thing
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    Actually it was a car that I have raced in my supra and lost to, I be it a 1983 Supra with only 150HP but I have beaten 5.0's B4 in my car and I can beat most on the road because people don't know how to corner, or drive, but the person who owned the mustang that my friend beat with his Merkur is in all respects an above average driver because he is a member of the RCMP (For you non Canadians thats the police force of Canada) and they are trained very well to drive<!-- Signature -->
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    well actually I'm from Canada.....but what year was the stang....it makes a huge difference
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    Ahhhhh IC it was a 1990 5.0L, I sugest you find one of these cars on the road with a good driver and realise that it is a spectacular competator

    If your only arguing with me because this is an import let me easy your troubled mind this is a German Ford, and yes it does beat most 5.0L's<!-- Signature -->
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    I actually love German cars much more then fords but my 94 5l would eat this thing I can guarentee that
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    Hmmmm the only way to know for sure is to race one and find out, These cars are quite commom in Van so good luck hunting<!-- Signature -->
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    well I live in ont. so I don't really car much cause I'm studying to become a race car driver and am going to be attending racing school soon so I think I can beat this car with ease.....merkur 1/4 mile is 16 sec mine 94 stang GT is 15.1 so I should beat it quite easily
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    im gonna own one of these next year, my neighbour has one and has got connections to the edmonton merkur club so i'll be getting one for a bout 3k canadian. after about 2 months of saving up i'll upgrade the turbo to a 2.5psi, i think it will bring the hp up to about 230, and the 1/4 mile time to about 15 if not less, alot less.
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    Yeah maybe but I went to racing school to except it was on a track and I didn't pay for it I find that a better deal (The Drive5rs are better to (Teachers))<!-- Signature -->

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