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    I was talking about one on a track
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    I think you miss understood my comment I was saying that paying for racing school is a bad deal I mean hit like open track once and a while and you pick up more than any racing school can ever teach, I was once told by a racer named "Big" Steve (I have no idea what his last name is) that to be able to control the track is more important than controlling your car, I'm just starting to figure out what this means, he told me he found this out far after he "waisted" his money on racing school, I've also been told that you learn more in one day on the track than you could possibly learn in 5 years in racing school, sure you will have some one to teach you and maybe you learn better this way but I taught myself and that is the only way I can really learn to do stuff, it's also one of the best ways to learn because you will know your limitations, let me tell you a story that you problay wont belive but rest assured it is true, I was driving downtown and one of my passengers commented on something that really pissed me off, I put my car into a ditch, but I did it in such a way to scare the Sh!t out of my passengers but not to injure them and not to injure my car this is what I learnt by myself if I hadent taught myself I probably would be in the hospital or visiting the graves of my friends, just a little thing for you to keep in mind, another side note I lost that car not 5 days later when some chick pulled on my stearing wheel, intresting eh? well it seems I've preached to much, the racing school might be good for you it might be a waist of time you can only find this out on your own. God I sound like some kinda philosopher sorry man, enjoy<!-- Signature -->
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    the racing school I was talking about is all on the track with only a couple safety briefings before you start.....it's with F16000 cars .....which are open wheel racers that are kinda like a indy car but with a lot less power (but still very fast).....this school has had Patrick Carpontier attend the school so it is a very good school to learn at
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    When I was in Niagra Falls vacationing I saw a 1987 Ferrari 355.It was awesome.I also saw a 2001 Porsche 911 Carrera AERO COUPE with spetial BLUE CAMILIAN PAINT.There was a 1973 Fiero too.It had a HUGE spoiler in the front and back.It was nice there.<!-- Signature -->
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    what does this have to do with this car
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    As far as I can tell not a thing but it's just somethin the guy had to get off his chest I guess<!-- Signature -->
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    a 1987 ferrari f355 right they made testerossa's back then.
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    <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from PorscheBoy09</i>
    <b>When I was in Niagra Falls vacationing I saw a 1987 Ferrari 355.It was awesome.I also saw a 2001 Porsche 911 Carrera AERO COUPE with spetial BLUE CAMILIAN PAINT.There was a 1973 Fiero too.It had a HUGE spoiler in the front and back.It was nice there.</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    You are an idiot...<!-- Signature -->
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    I'm not sure I've never ehard of an SVO mustang but this cars engine falls under the title of a Super high output engine in short SHO (like the SHO taurus), but the germans made this engine spectacular<!-- Signature -->
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    What the hell does the comment about Niagra Falls and a Ferarri have to do with anything? Are you just trying to prove that there are expensive cars in Niagra falls? Are you from NY and went for a visit to the "Great White North" of Canada and was suprised to see that it isn't that much different from the US? Please let us know. Maybe in some sort of off the topic way you had a point there. If so please explain.

    WHAT A GUY!?!!<!-- Signature -->
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    the mustang svo ( not SHO, SHO engines are made my yamaha ( sounds crazy but its true), SVO, SVT, and SVE are all ford engines that have Special Vehicle ( Operations, Team, or, Engineering )). but anyway, the mustang engine is a 2.5L with intercooler, while the merkur is a 2.3L w/o intercooler ( though it should have ), same everything else. the suspension and styling is what the germans did for the car, not the motor, i used to have one of these, and it handled great, even better when i switched to '88 mustang rims in the back ( sold the car before i found the adapters for the front), wide rims do wonders for this car, i once took it through a clover leaf off ramp at 75mph and the car didnt seem to care, my friend that was in the car did though.
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    sorry, i meant 2.3L for the mustang
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    These cars could outhandle a mustang any day of the week. They're lighter, and they have fully independent suspension. The first mustang to have IRS was the 99 cobra. And if you put about a thousand dollars into this car, you could smoke mustangs left and right. I know, because i've done it. And 94 mustangs kinda sucked compared to the 93. They look terrible, and they're about 200 pounds heavier. Which makes for a slower car.
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    i have a 1970 ford pickup with a new v8 400 in it and a friend of mine have a 87 merkur xr4ti, another friend has a 92 i believe audi 100 cs, the audi and i are both about the same (speed wise) but my friend with the merkur never wants to race us. is it because he doesnt want to lose or is it because he actually has real reasons as to not race. i just wanted to know because most people who have these things think alike.

    btw my truck will 60 in 6.5 seconds and the audi is maybe a hair slower off the line but he spanks me when he shifts into kick your ass gear. top speed on his car is about 150 i think and i have no idea what my trucks is...i know its over 120 tho cuz ive hit it and was still accelerating. i would put it about 130 - 135. i like it, but it looks like crap. i havent been beat stop light to stop light yet tho. anyways i will stop talking now. who do u guys think would win the race between us 3 and where do u think we would place.(u know 1 2 3).
    thanx guys, this has really been bugging me so if i cant race him i might as well get your opinions.<!-- Signature -->
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    Stock, the XR will do 0-60 in 7 seconds. If your friend has anything much done to his car, he will definitely win. The XR's top speed is just over 130 mph, so in a top speed contest the Audi would probably win
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    hey, thanks dude thats been buggin me for a long ass time now. its nice to have somebody, other than people who know us, put their input in there.<!-- Signature -->
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    One of the major things about these cars is how easy they are to tune. any merkur can be intercooled, you do that and then get a cosworth kit, and you have a real beastly car that would rape a 5L mustang is both acceleration and more importantly handling.
    hey by the way i saw a lambo countach yesterday<!-- Signature -->

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    My god, you have to be one of the most ignorant people that I have ever seen post on this site. That's saying a lot.

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    dont be stupid...the Xr can be made to go fast pretty easily.
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    i love it when stupid people make stupid posts, i just bought an 86xr 5 speed, and i love it how the previous owner got it to 195 hp, in a car like this thats some serious stuff, i love to shit all over civics and accords all day, oh bring ur car by some time ill show u what these are made of.
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    so this is based on the german built sierra right?
  22. Not even a camaro ss? They are slow. They only run 13's!

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