Height of classics and SUVs

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  1. Classics cars seem to be comparatively high.

    Look at Mercedes Nürburg.
    Length 538 cm, width 182 cm, height 182 cm. Engine straight 8, 4,9 l displacement, 100 horsepower.

    Compare Mercedes GL-class.
    Length 510 cm, width 194 cm, height 184 cm. Engine V8, 5,5 l, 382 horsepower.

    A sedan, S600, is very much lower:
    Length 521 cm, width 187 cm, height 147 cm. Engine V12, 5,5 l, 517 hp.

    Other classical cars also are high. How do the floor and ceiling heights of classical sedans compare with later sedans?
  2. I figure a lot of earlier cars were higher due to the lower quality of roads as well, or even complete lack of roads, more ground clearance was an advantage.
  3. great

    from what i've seen of it parked up in carparks, my 1980s volvo estate has a lower roofline than the vast majority of modern hatchbacks

  4. Yeah absolutely true. I want to collect all these stuff...
  5. Sure, 1980-s cars are low.

    Compare Mercedes 600.

    Length 545 cm, width 195 cm, height 151 cm. Engine V8, 6,3 l displacement, 250 horsepower.

    Came out in 1963.

    Mu impression is that cars became low sometime in 1950-s.

    But how does the height distribution of a 1930-s sedan compare against a sedan of 1960-s or later?
  6. that and a very low concern on fuel consumption

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