Helio Castroneves indicted for tax evasion & fraud

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  1. Two-time Indianapolis 500 winner and TV "Dancing With The Stars" champion Helio Castroneves was indicted Thursday on tax evasion and tax fraud charges, accused of using offshore accounts to hide millions of dollars in income from the Internal Revenue Service.

    Castroneves, 33, is charged with conspiracy and six counts of tax evasion for purportedly failing to report to the IRS about $5.5 million in income between 1999 and 2004, according to court documents. Each count carries a maximum five-year prison sentence.

    Also facing charges are Katiucia Castroneves, 35, the race car driver's sister and business manager, and attorney Alan R. Miller, 71, of Birmingham, Mich. All three are scheduled to make court appearances Friday and it wasn't immediately clear if they had hired defense lawyers. None were under arrest Thursday.
  2. HA!

    Laws are broken - hilarity ensues. <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/PitLane?displayFAQ=y"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>
  3. I wonder ... will they make him dance in prison? If they do: will they let him "lead"??
  4. Damn, hope it all works out for Helio. He's one of the nicest / coolest drivers on the IRL scene. Best of luck Helio, and next time use the Swiss banks. They are 100% private.
  5. He'll escape by climbing the fence.
  6. Yeah, I was at Road Atlanta on Friday when I heard the news from another fan. The newspapers said he was put in 'cuffs AND shackles and flown to Florida. Then he posted $10,000,000 bail and went back to Road Atlanta for the race....and earned a P2 Class win on his debut!

    Best of luck to him.....
  7. There was a million different stories revolving the situation. None of the things you posted happened. He came to court on his own accord and was given permission to come back to Road Atlanta for the race.

    And it wasn't his debut. He also raced for Penske in a Porsche at Sebring in 2007.
  8. Sucks, hes like the only Indy driver I like.
  9. Helio is also on the entry list for the ALMS @ Laguna Seca next weekend.
  10. Well, I was getting the info straight from the Gainsville Times (newspaper). If they made errors then they are the ones to blame for printing false information.
  11. Everyone just printed what they heard on the story. Newspapers are generally terrible anyways, especially on automotive matters.

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