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  1. this thing is still big and bulky. compared to the e-class, this thing would definitely suffer.. just remove all the electronics and other restrictors. however, this hamann, so i ask,"how does the brabus compare to this?"
  2. Whatever, dude. Who in their right mind compares an E-Class to an M5? That's like comparing a Lincoln Town Car to a Cadillac STS-V. Give me a break. And "big and bulky" were choice words of criticism against this just before you mentioned the freakin E-Class, which is bigger and bulkier with less aerodynamic traits. Get your thoughts straight before you put more bullshit on here.
  3. Actually, I read that if the driver had balls (According to TopGear Magazine, from automotive critics who actually drive these cars on many occasions) could in fact keep up with the new BMW M5, likely because of its massive amount of Torque. No doubt, the M5 is quicker, handles better, feels better to drive, but the E55 will perform almost as well while giving you superiour levels of comfort, and, in my opinion, better looks. Maybe the next E55 will get that new 6.2l V8? If so, it should perform just as well as an M5, although still lack in feel and precision. So it really isnt like comparing a TownCar and STSV. Id say more like comparing an Aston Martin Vanquish S and a Ferrari 575M GTC (Ferrari being BMW, and Aston being Benz).
  4. lol
  5. so ur sayin the e55 is slow?
  6. Oh well, none of you guys have probably driven either of them yourselves to sufficiently support your personal, highly biased claims...
  7. raplh, i was in durban two weeks ago. i saw a new m5 have its electrics removed. same with an e55. my cousin sms'd the result to me, and said

    " dude, the m5 got wasted!"

    waiting for him to come up to johannesburg with the video..
  8. can u post it wen u get it
  9. can u post it wen u get it
  10. The M5 won the Performance car of the year award in durban.
  11. Apparantly, though you really have no proof, you have--or so it seems. Why not tell us then, oh great "Supercar Messiah," sir. Switching to American from English, I really doubt you did either.
  12. im just waiting for my cousin to bring it when he comes up.if he puts it on his site, i'll put up a link. and yes ralph, i did hear that the m5 got the performance car award. too bad that it was still 'smoked', as my cousin said.
  13. It's horrible indeed, Hamann ruined another great car
  14. "Best" is different than "fastest", my friend.....

    a Brabus E V12 will murder this thing in a 1/4 mile. Please no one get mad at me for saying this because we are talking about straight line speed here, not "passion and superior engineering OMG THIS IS 500 TIMES SOME STUPID BENZ WILL EVER BE THEY ARE NOT BYOOTYFULL LYKE BMW!!!!!!!". fact of the matter is the Brabus has a bigger engine with two turbos and more horsepower and torque. Weights are pretty similar so the more powerful car is gonna take the straight line.

    I'm not sure about the track though..... it would be close. I'm a Benz lover so I'd hope the Brabus would win, but I like BMW too so I wouldn't be that heartbroken if it lost.

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