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Discussion in '2002 Ferrari Enzo' started by Blitzschnell, May 24, 2003.

  1. According to Autoweek, the Enzo runs 0-60 in 3.14 seconds and 0-100 in 6.67! Amazing!
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    Damn, the 0-60 is really that fast?
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    easton, you suck you #$%#ing unapreciative bastard, this car is absolutely beautiful and by far sucks, it is god
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    This cars top speed and 0-60 times are wuite impressive however I'm am unimpressed by the high amount of technology it needs to produce said numbers. This car is for rich #$%#ers that can't drive, it has no clutch pedal, traction control, and ABS! Who ever sais this thing is based on F1 tech is wrong, what F1 car do you know of with no clutch pedal and ABS, none! besides it has tons more technology than a Mclaren F1 and it still can't beat it. Oh yeah this car is ugly too
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    Hmm... F1 cars without a clutch pedal, let me think... Oh , that's right, F1 cars DON'T use a clutch pedal, but rather they used paddle shifting as well (although it's possible they've gone to full auto, I haven't checked in a while)
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    Lets build a F40, Lets build a F50, Lets build an Enzo, Unluky we might build a decent car one day.
    Keep trying Ferrari ur wey off a decent car here the F40 was better and evern thats a bad car its unlucky Gordon Murray wasnt Italian then you would have built a good car.
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    Woh! I seriously underestimated the potential acceleration of this car...
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    Oh, my God, why are people so #$%#ing stupid.
    Listen, new member, every single car magazine has said that this car is the closest road car to a Formula 1 car there is.
    This is the most technologically advanced road car in the world.
    And f1 cars don't have clutch pedals, go do some reading.

    YOU'RE UGLY, *****.
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    ur rite - hell yeah
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    This car is after all the Ferrerari topmodel, so what woud you
    expect? a new car wich is named after mr. Ferrari himself. I dont now, but 3,1 second from 0-60 will be normal in just a few years.
    The Porche Carrera GT takes 3,3, the Bugatti Veyron is down to
    2,9 and the six years old McLaren F1 takes 3,2 from 0-60 mph, so this does not suprise me at all. What goes for the cardesign. Looks like
    mr. pininfarina had to much to drink the night he made that design.
    Huh - that shure is ugly - but still, i understand the people who love it - taste is a strange thing....

    Two Jet-pack Turbochargers
    48.000 BHP
    0-600 mph in 29 seconds
    topspeed 765 mph (1220 km/h)

    Its the Thrust SCC - maybe you can have it licensed to the local street - go home Ferrari!!!!

    Thats a car
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    Enzo should be on everyone's top 10 list of cars I want
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    This Car belongs on everyone's Dream Cars List Top 10
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    This Car belongs on everyone's Dream Cars List Top 10
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    This Car belongs on everyone's Dream Cars List Top 10
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    the ferrari enzo i think should be the centurys best car!! FERRARIS KICK ASSS!! Michael Schumacher got 1st place in the Formula 1 Grand Prix of Canada!!!
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    Hmm... So F1 cars today don't use traction control. Tell me something, do you watch F1 do you know anything how the sport is today? Guess not.

    Why can't it beat the McLaren F1, the times that you're problably refering are the ones from the autocar test. The guess what, the test was made with the prototype XP5 that wasn't even street legal. So get your facts straight.
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    3 words: BEST FERRARI EVER
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    Well this car is very impressive. That is until the 1887 hp Mclaren F2 comes out in 2004. Your 0-60 isn't too bad for a go-kart. How compare that 3.5 sec to 2.2? Or better yet how bout that 217.5 to let's just say 276 mph? Well looks like that Enzo just got blown off the road. And for all you Mclaren fans don't worry bout the F60 from Ferrari, cause the F2 can blow that go-kart off the road too.
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    Since I got no answer on the other string I will ask again. over 500 grand(US) and no stereo? I am all for driver cars but no music?
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    the engine IS music, very beautiful music at that. i can believe that 3.1, r&t got 3.3 with their crappy lil drivers, and so 3.1 isnt unimaginable. wow! also, this is as close to f1 as you get on the road, its MR, f1 shifting, ucredibly light and nimble, also dont forget the breaks, they use the carbon-fiber/ceramic composite rotors much like the f1 cars do. yay for ferrari!

    as for you f2 guy, it wont have 1800 hp, it cant unless its runnin lets say alchohol or about a 20 liter v32.

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    Hey hudman i got an idea for you......GET THE HELL OUTTA THIS FORUM! Mclarens are awesome cars and so are ferraris why do you have to put down an awesome car company you are allowed to have more than just one favorite car or car company. If the F2 is faster big friggin deal did you know the ferrari is above Mclaren in F1 racing?......I didn't think so and does that make Mclaren a bad company? NO WAY! If you got hate then go monger somewhere else!

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    Hell yeah!

    I think you mis-quoted magazines, Motor Trend got those exact numbers.
    Regardless, a 3.1 is AWESOME! This car is simply the best car ever!!!!

    Edit: Those exact numbers are from Motor Trend, but Auto Week did also
    get a 3.1. Wow thats 2 tests that got 3.1!!!!
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    What's happening to Ferrari? This is possibly the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen sure it has one half of the Ferrari legacy down (the suspension and powertrain are great) but aren't Ferrari's supposed to look good, even the basic styling elements of the Enzo are messed up take the length of the overhangs for example the front has possibly the biggest overhang I've ever seen and the rear possibly the smallest, they even somehow managed to screw up the tail lights, possibly the easiest design element on a car.


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    Everyones entitled to their opinion, but are you crazy? This car looks AWESOME. The overhangs look mint like that, look at the F50, F40, F1, Diablo and many other supercars....
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    For the ones that think the enzo is ugly, you must first consider the reasons for the design. Pinninfarina but aerodynamics before looks. (I think the enzo looks gorgeous.)The enzo is so freckin aerodynamic it isnt funny, or says most automobile magazines. I have a subscription to R&T, and even they say the enzo is the best road car ever made. Acceleration isn't everything. The enzo also handles and brakes better than just about any other road car out there. So IMO the enzo is definately the best road car ever made, and it definately deserves the Enzo Ferrari name.

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