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Discussion in '2002 Ferrari Enzo' started by Blitzschnell, May 24, 2003.

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    It's not worth the cash. Just buy a skyling and tune it a bit. Save you 1/2 a millon bucks. Why would you pay $700,000 to get a little black horse on ya bonnet?
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    Waste a money. That's all i've got to say.

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    Anyone who compares a Skyline to a Enzo Ferrari has no clue what they are talking about.
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    Do you know what an exotic car is? Think not. It's not just the power. Also, to tune a Skyline to have the same HP of the Enzo, you can't it up a bit, but a LOT. Another points is that the Skyline, even after being tuned the hell up would never win the Enzo, McLaren F1, ... on a track.
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    This car really kicks butt! I wish I could afford it, but I can't. I'm sure that very few people could. Whoever gets one is probrably the luckiest person on Earth. Think about it. Having Ferrari's best creation ever in YOUR garage.
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    This is a very hot car i really like it but i think the price is a little out there i mean 670,000 come on lets get serious also i was reading in a magazine it said that it would cost 6Gs to do a oil change in one of these and you know dan well is the same only you put in your every day car... other then that i like it
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    I may be wrong, but wasn't it Enzo Ferrari himself who said, and I quote:

    "Aerodynamics are for people who can't build cars."

    Now, the fact that they would sacrifice good looks for aerodynamics on this car, and then name it the Enzo, is grossly ironic IMO.
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    I love enzo's i test drove this pink polka-dotted one when i was touring the world for the ice capades. They are so fast its like you are pulling 5 G's. I am saving up to buy a second one its gonna be black with a white racing stripe.

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    Get your facts straight dude. :rolleyes:
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    Which of my facts arent straight?
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    Aerodynamics are what makes cars fast and able to turn so well if u drove a square car with a v8 and a sleek aerodynamic car with a v8 the slick car would win. Dont be stupid
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    simply ok i still like the f50 way better. It was mistake to get rid of the f50 for the enzo a digrase!

    Buy Volkswagens

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    I guess you don't know much about the F50. Cause it really wasn't that good. The Enzo Ferrari is 100 times better.
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    Can I help what Enzo said? Did I say a cube car with a v8 would be fast? Do you honestly think I don't know how much aerodynamics help? Don't be stupid
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    That seems too fast to me, I read that the Enzo does a 3.4 and an 11.2. Still, pretty fast numbers. This car also is supposed to have the best brakes ever seen in a production car. Not bad for 1 million dollars.

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    Motor Trend 3.1
    Auto Week 3.1
    Road & Track 3.3
    Car and Driver 3.3

    6.6 Motor Trend
    6.6 Road & Track
    6.6 Car and Driver
    6,6 Autocar

    11.1 Road & Track
    11.1 Essais Auto
    11.1 Ferrari
    11.2 Car and Driver

    How 'bout those #'s!!!!

    PS it costs about $700,000.
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    this a big time rich @#$%ers car.
    I only wish that i had the GREEN to get this car in my driveway.
    what is the top speed of this beast of berden.looks sweet in that yellow

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    According to Ferrari 217.5 mph, but a French magazine has gotten 219.8 mph....
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    I heard that you had to be invited to buy it. So even if you had the green it wouldn't do much. Not sure how true that is though.

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    Thats true, you had to be a former/current Ferrari owner.
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    Yeah, "amazing"!
    The Mclaren F1 LM does 0-60 in 2.9 seconds.

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    Yeah "amazing" for a RACE CAR, the F1 LM is a race car, all you F1 fans make me laugh lol. The McLaren is old news now!!!!

    The F1 LM is a bare bones stripped race car for gods sake.
    The road F1 does a no better then a 3.2....to the Ferraris 3.1....
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    the LM is a road car. and its not exactly "stripped."
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    still holds 3 people...has the same interior almost exactly. the doors and instrument panel are different. not exactly "stripped"

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    It is NOT a road car....jeez, look it up.
    And it has NOTHING, totally, totally stripped dude.

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