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Discussion in '2002 Ferrari Enzo' started by Blitzschnell, May 24, 2003.

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    I live in italy, and my friend works for his really really old boss, then he told me that hiss boss has 2 ferraris, the 550 maranello and the ENZO!!! so we went to the house and the boss let me go in!!!!! BOTH OF THEM!!! But I couldnt drive it...only touch whatever was inside it, BUT I THINK I TOOK A SHIT IN THE ENZO!!!! I COULDNT BELEIVE IT WAS REALLY AN ENZO!!!!!!!
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    And were getting told this why???

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    Because the guy sat in a Enzo Ferrari, not to many people can get a chance to do that, stop being a idiot.
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    wow, lot of tension in here people. honestly i'm amazed and disgusted at the same time. this is a great car with great performance stats......two thumbs up......but then again i see what ferrari had to do to get those numbers.....i guarantee that if american cars tried they could make cars that would whip this and still be about $500K to $600K less......thats why i'm disgusted.

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    I'm American, drive a American car....and I can tell you that would NEVER happen, hell Saleen tried....the S7 is a good car, but no Enzo Ferrari or F1....
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    America can do a lot better than the s7, we have the technology, and we could do it, but it would probably be expensive for companies and wouldnt sell
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    that dumbass...the enzo kicks ass.....whats he smoking...also.....it would be awsome to have a enzo in ur garage....RIGHT?!!!
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    teh maclaren F1 is another awsome car...but dosent compare to the enzo...but still...dont diss it u mutha #$%#a
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    Stop making user names to spam the forum please.

    Thanks for your co-operation.

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    It's Cellui456 who is spamming the forum all this time, wow.
    You're finally cought....

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    What are you talking about, how does that even work out. I said somehting about the S7 and now you thonk im a spammer. And does it make any sense for a person who post on the Enzo all the time to Spam a forum. You people are just so...

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    Hey, thats what V8Stangman wrote....not me.
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    yeah, but how is he falsley accusing me when he has no idea, and your backing him up
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    i wish i had one
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    doesnt everyone wish they had one
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    you wish...but u wont get one
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    sweet car makes all the other cars look like crap just look at the speed
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    Yes, but for sure it can do faster than 217.5, maybe like 225-230, for sure, they have already gotten 219.8
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    IP's don't lie.<A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/emoticons.html"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="http://speed.supercars.net/cboardhtml/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>
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    What is that, here you go, i know the spammer, it was my friend, his current ones are blingster z 666 and bluecamfordeath, your welcome, it was him posting, not me
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    Don't worry about it, it's cool.
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    ok, thanx, i reported him and someone else banned him
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    so..u like ratting out ur friends?

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    If there spamming the forum he should.
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    the enzo sucks!
    the ford GT40 mark IV is better.

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