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Discussion in '2002 Ferrari Enzo' started by Blitzschnell, May 24, 2003.

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    Are you serious? That GT40 is a 60's low-tech race car. The Enzo Ferrari and about 50 other cars can hammer it!
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    No i dont Blingster Z 666, it was just fun, how many others do you have, i will ban them, Bluecamfordeath, BlingsterZ6664death, and Heidiklum123, lol....SPAMMER, you get me into trouble
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    r u sure ur not a spammer cause you dont know what ur talking bout
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    Neirther do you bud so your shouldnt be tlaking
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    y shouldnt i be talkin
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    yeah, you should probably should shut up right now

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    Hell yeah!

    Why are you two replying to OLD threads? Not to mention that all your going back and forth is ruining all the threads on this board.
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    Not my problem, how am i ruining it....

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    You and your buddy are ruining alot of the threads, posting crap and talking back and forth about mac and cheese in topics that are months old....thats how.
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    If they are months old then it shouldn't matter to you. I brought up mac & cheese once becasue i was poking fun at his name becasue i know that he doesn't like Mclarens
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    yes i do
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    yes i do
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    okay.....no comment
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    i appear in many different forms.......BOO!lol
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    Hmm I'm not sure about anyone else but I havent heard ANYTHING about a new F2 :S, plus more hp isnt always better, it could make the car much harder to hook, but if it is true a 1887 hp car would have a very high top speed if it has the correct gearing <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/emoticons.html"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="http://speed.supercars.net/cboardhtml/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>

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    There is no "F2", thats bull....
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    sup guy! This is my first time loged in to supercars.net. But the first car i think of when i hear supercar is the ferrari enzo.Enzo Ferrari was born on February 18, 1898 near Modena, Italy. When he was 10 his father took him to an automobile race in Bologna. After attending a number of other races, he decided he wanted to become a racing car driver.
    While working at a small carmaker involved with converting war surplus, Ferrari took up racing. In 1919 he finished ninth at the Targa Florio. He ended up landing a job with Alfa Romeo and drove a modified production car in the 1920 Targa Florio. Ferrario managed to finish second.
    In 1923 while racing at the Circuit of Sivocci at Ravenna he was approached by Count Enrico and Countess Paolina Baracca, the parents of the heroic Italian pilot Francesco Baracca. Francesco was known as the Italian ace of aces. He died on Mount Montello during the war. His parents gave Ferrari their son's squadron badge, which was the famous prancing horse on a yellow shield.
    Enzo Ferrari was connected with Alfa Romeo for many years, however, he built only a few sports cars bearing his name and his famous prancing horse badge. In 1929 Enzo formed the Scuderia Ferrari with the aim of organizing racing for members. The Scuderia Ferrari team competed in 22 events and scored 8 victories and several good placings.
    In 1940 Enzo Ferrari left Alfa Romeo and started a new company Auto-Avio Costruzioni Ferrari. During World War II the Ferrari workshop moved from Modena to Maranello. The workshop became a victim of the war in 1944 - it was leveled by bombs. A year after the war in 1946 the shop was rebuilt and work began on the first ever Ferrari motorcar, the 125 Sport. This car started a grand tradition of winning for Ferrari. Since it's first race in 1947, Ferrari's have had over 5,000 successes on race tracks around the globe.
    In 1969 Enzo Ferrari sold 50% of Ferrari's share capital to the Fiat group. That figure grew to 90% in 1988. Enzo Ferrari died at the age of 90 in Modena on August 14, 1988.

    Just thought you might want some background history on exactly what you are looking at!
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    this car is amazing!
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    this car is amazing!!!
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    no shit.....this is definitley the best....for the 500th time
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    HAHAHAHA.... screw you
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    excuse me.....did u just say that to me....
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    Well i think it is around 3.3 but yea it is an amazing car.
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    3.3????on the rictor scale...or ojn the gay scale

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