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  1. I have already posted a lot on the fourms but I just wanted to introduce myself. I'm Sean, and I'm from Indianapolis, Indiana USA.
  2. Post dikpix.
  3. Hello to you!

    I am from Milwaukee, also in America. Is great country yes!
  4. Hi, and welcome on here
  5. Welcome to SC.net.

    Greetings from South Korea. I live in Seoul. Korean girls likes American guys. Come and visit some time.
  6. haha sounds good. We had a exchange student when I was a senior in high school two years ago. He was from the Seoul area.
  7. What a coincidence sean, I am also from Indianapolis, Indiana, I live in Carmel. You should come over to my place and we can hang out. I will take you for a ride in a car of your choice from my collection.
  8. I'm in Fishers. LOL. Can't tell if this made up bull shit though. hahaha
  9. He is Korea devil but he lives in America.
  10. He's technically retarded, so it's best to just pretend you didn't read any of his posts.
  11. Holy crap, that is like 10 miles away! Seriously if you want to come around and have a ride in one of my cars, Im more than happy to. I just got the F40 back from the dealership with new Michelotto LM spec turbos if you want. Or you come out with the boys and me to the speedway on an open day if you want, what are you driving?
  12. picard.jpeg
  13. LOL, there are never open days at the speedway. The only time the speedway is used is for three races during the season.

    Thanks for playing.
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    This is the video from the guy i bought my ZR1 from, in May. We had over 300 cars doing laps of the road course throughout the day. We are going again probably in December with the Ferrari club of America.

    I was just being neighborly Sean, its a pity you didnt take me up on the offer.
  15. You're not listening, Sean. You need to ignore the other idiot, not this one.

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