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  1. hi everyone... sorry about my retarted name, i just made up anything .. real quik to get on the site right away. i know its a little late to do an introduction. Yet im doing it anyway, i'd just liek to say i know some of you already hate me, but please don't mind me .. im not here to cause trouble, im here because we all seem to have one thing in comon, (at least i think). We all love cars right? well anywyas, im sure sometimes you'll see me make mistakes like making 3 thread of the same thing.... i didnt know how, plus it didnt show up at first LoL .. anyways. thank you again for having me, and give me sometime ill adjust, like having better grammar, i hope, and no offend anyone, im also here to learn what the outside worlds oppinions and beliefs are when it comes to our beloved cars.
  2. Sounds all cool to me, in case you doubt about words when it comes to spelling, you can always PM me. Enjoy your stay here.
  3. thank you
  4. welcome of course
  5. where are you from?
  6. We should make up a spellcheck police song!

    Welcome, enjoy your stay.
  7. Sc.net spellcheck police?

    That's incredibly lame, you idiots.
  8. Shut up.
  9. im from california, and im 24 years old. i sell cars for a living, and on my spare time i like to watch read, and learn about cars, bikes , rally, and pretty much every sport. My favorite, of course is the alms series, which is very hard for me to catch becuase of my ours.., so i fall back to watching motogp/superbike and any form of motorcycle road racing, because they rerun some of the action on tuesdays. What i need to get is that tivo -_o.
  10. Oh!, and another thing,.. i currently drive an old beat up 84 celica gts (my handme down), becuaase when i went to GUAM, my mom decided to give my 2000 civic si (yes my little ricer) but i loved it for the sentemental value tht i built while i owned the car, plus it was a good little car, and when i went racing i did quite well, though i was stock, i do admit i can drive. anyways for my next car im shooting for an e36 bmw m3, becuase i have alwyas loved that body style, and they are a little more attainable for the price you can get them now. Not to mention ive got a family of my wife, and two kids to take car of :D
  11. YAY

    you need to visit more often
  12. Hahaha, I wasn't talking to you. I was talking to the member I quoted.

    Welcome btw. <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/emoticons.html"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="http://speed.supercars.net/pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>
  13. Dude, I was telling them...
  14. You Nor-Cal or So-Cal?
  15. Where were you when they were needed?
  16. Only n00bs don't know that you're THE original.....
  17. But the original was eating donuts (I know there was the original), so replacement was needed.
  18. im from northern california, the best known part of the bay is san francisco..... i live about 50 minutes away in stockton.
  19. Cool, Im from San Mateo, what city you in?
  20. cool, i lived in daly city for about 5 years when i was younger... then moved to union city (stayed there for 15 years) then moved to tracy ,(stayed there for 3 years) and now i currently live in stockton.... so i am still a bay area man obviously.... and man i'll tell you the, the valley's mentality is absoulutly weird man. come down here sometime dude, (if you have any friends out this way) then i'm sure you'll see the big differences, its usually styles get here later, shoes, clothes etc. and other shit,... but one thing that son't change is tastes in car, although loving certain types of brands.... for example... bay you roll through the streets ... tons of imports,, right? in the (somewhat bay... still considered) citys, pleaasonton, livermore, etc. have tons of american cars like muscle cars of the late 60's and 70's..... but go to the rich area (san ramon namely altthough all of the pleasonton up to livermore and dublin area... people all drive nice cars.... ) you'll see the damn porches,, lambos and ferrari driving through san ramon freeway (680 heading towards sacramento).not due to race dominance in area (although it has somewaht to do with it) but is mainly what they were grew up on..... so its a big difference ain't it ? correct me if im wrong.... its just what i see and alot of other bay area people moving out this way fro the bay area agree.
  21. Hella people on sc.net are from the bay.
  22. cool!, that i didn't know
  23. ya, wy do people from cali always say Hella tight, or hella cool, my cousin does that too.
  24. Stop being racist.
  25. lol yeah in la , you go and say hell tight they are like WTF!? its pretty funny but what they say is stupid to us... LoL

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